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HubPage Hubbers Vanish Overnight-Hyphenbird Panics!

Updated on June 23, 2012

I woke up early, kissed the kids, kicked the dog, so sorry sweet little SusieQ42-how I love you, poked the fire and threw on a log. Then sent my man out the door, he has a living to earn and I have hours to burn. Told him to hurry home soon as I crossed two fingers that I would not see him until tomorrow at noon. Oh a little Storytellersrus never hurt anyone, right lambservant?

Brewed a big pot of java, phoned work to say “I’m not coming today”. It might be contagious, (cough, cough) yeah I think it is that new HubPage Fever! Several have succumbed including maven101, may he rest in pieces-I mean peace! But not me, I have a Cloverleaf with three or four wishes to protect me. Did you say don't bother coming in tomorrow? Fine, who needs a job anyway?

Then I straightened the painting on the wall-it is a rembrandz you know, sat down on the sofa, booted up the ‘puter, flexed the mouse hand and took a deep breath and a sigh. Oh, without this fix I surely would die. Would I ever live again to rise into the sky like a feenix ?

Logged onto HubPages only to find a void! A vacancy! No dallaswriter nor a horsebackrider anywhere. This is so NotPC!

It was not a SunnieDay at all and I cried out to Maggie-May that I think Genna went East. And where oh where was that What Is Q? What am I going to do? I cannot see the skye2day at all, just despair and woe follow me!

Perhaps I can email saddlerider and see if he has seen Faithful Daughter. If I cannot read anything new I am going twobmad! Oh is that a new follower or two or three? No just Dave Matthews ghost I spy as I cry. Oh, Alastar Packer can I be your cyberstalker?!

Oh me-Oh my! Alone I drift out here in Forums, Feeds, and I want to forget RSS as I dial 911 and scream “Where is everyone? Of course this is an emergency Lady!” Epi must give me a Gram! C-Bless me please before I faint from the shock of it all.

Aliens have taken my HubPages family! MinnetonkaTwin is not to be found and Bumpsysmum is nowhere around.Poohgranma is lost in space and WillStarr has not shown his face! AlwaysExploring does not show SavingGrace and a day without mindyjgirl makes my mind whirl. Martiecoetser what am I to do without you? Dexisview, I cannot live without you too. GrafikaPro, where is everyone? Do you know what has happened to DougTurnerJr?

I know what I must do. I have a great plan! Gus The Redneck is just the man! He knows KTannahillwell and what makes Sharyn Slant, but enough about that…..

Barbergirl28 please don’t be late. I need you I weep as they tie that white coat tight across my waist. Is that a sedative, I wonder as I tell them to JustAskSusan. She will vouch for my sanity and if not ask Ghost32. He is not new, he’s been here for ages and ages. By the way, is that a frog dropping from the ceiling? Just call my doctor. SimoneSmith is her name and she can tell you that I have always been sane.

Hi Nurse? What a great smile. Can you let me go? Can’t you hear? Aren’t you enlydialistener? Where is your HealingTouch? You aren't saying anything. Do you need a vocalcoach?

Fine then. I am out of here. Just give me that pill, the PurpleOne there and let James A Watkins call me a cab. I need to get home anyway. Let me go or I will become a Shinkicker. Untie me I say! You WriteAngled folk better not mess with my KoffeeKlatchGals or you will be sorry that you made me late for crazybeanrider. She is OCD but I grow weary so my friend is going to put my Bail Up.

I am outta here! The kids will be home soon and they think our home is Paradise7 but I will be back on 2uesday!

Hi honey, welcome home. How was work? You are such a goodearner. Me? Nah, it was a lovely quiet day here in Galaxy59. This biblicaliving is the life for me.

Hubbers, see why I need you day and night? Without you all I get a fright. Write me, email too. Tell me that you still love me! Please do!

 Apologies to anyone I missed. I had to stop sometime.


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