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Reasons to Utilize HubPages

Updated on March 22, 2013

HubPages Provides Writers with Expereince and Opportunity

Just as many people do, I created a HubPages account because it was advertised that I could potentially earn a few extra pennies each month. When I began to navigate through the sight, I signed up for all the different rewards programs, learned the rules and regulations, and began to write. Then, I began to ask questions, answer questions, read and comment, and participate in the forums and contests. I soon came realize that HubPages has more to offer writers than just those few pennies trickling into our accounts.

HubPages Offers Writers a Wide Range of Experience

  • General Writing Experience.

    The most obvious experience that HubPages offers to it's members is general writing experience. The more you write, the more experience you gain and the more you learn about writing.

  • Freelance Experience.

    Freelance writing is far from easy, and it takes time and experience to become successful in this type of career, but HubPages offers an opportunity for writers to dabble into the world of freelance. HubPages even offers help and support along the way. Through this great community, one will learn how to manage their time properly, set deadlines, and publish.

  • PayPal Experience.

    In order to receive payment through HubPages, you must create a PayPal account, which is important to learn how to use and navigate if you wish to get paid and spend money over the Internet securely.

  • Amazon Associates Experience.

    Amazon associates is an opportunity offered in order to aid writers receive compensation for their hard work and dedication. Amazon allows “hubbers” to place their products onto ones “hubs” and ultimately receive compensation for the items that are “sold” on a particular article.

  • Product Placement Experience.

    In order to sell items through amazon, one must place products that are in relation to the article. One must also place that item in the correct place in the article to ensure more clicks (and hopefully, more purchases).

  • Google Adsense Experience.

    HubPages also offers aid, support and guidance in teaching writers how to take advantage of the Google Adsense program. Through this program Google will place ads to your “hubs” and compensates the writer for every click that hits that ad.

  • Blogging Experience.

    Blogging is a particular type of writing which is written and publish via the Internet. This type of writing is difficult because one must capture the attention of a reader and produce information very quickly. HubPages is a blogging host that provides its members with support, guidance, and experience.

  • Research Experience.

    In order to write reliable content that is worthy of compensation, research is necessary. If you would like to publish high quality writing, then it is apparent that extensive research on your topic is necessary before writing and publishing the article.

  • Marketing and Promoting Experience.

    To become a successful freelance writer, one must learn how to market and promote oneself over the Internet, driving traffic through their articles/hubs.

  • Criticism Experience.

    Learning how to take and digest criticism of all types is probably one of the most difficult and heart wrenching tasks a writer must endure. Yet, it is very important in learning how to take that criticism properly, and using that energy to create higher quality and more powerful writing in the future. When publishing your work on the Internet, you're exposing yourself and your writing to all types of criticism, constructive and harsh. HubPages offers an opportunity for writers to expose themselves to this criticism, ultimately making stronger and more productive authors.

HubPages Offers Extensive Opportunity

  • Opportunity to Become Published.

    One of the most obvious and largest opportunities that HubPages offers is that it gives writers a place to become published, and even aids in drawing in traffic to high quality published works.

  • Opportunity to Enter and Win Contents.

    HubPages offers the opportunity to enter and win different contents. This allows people to learn how to write or create a certain type of on-line writing. Also, if you are the winner of these contents, you will be compensated with money deposited into your PayPal account.

  • Opportunity to become Part of a Great Community.

    One of the great opportunities that HubPages has to offer is it allows you to become part of an on-line writing community, and interact with other writers with the same passion and similar goals.

  • Opportunity to Receive Accolades.

    If you publish quality work, you may have the opportunity to receive different awards and accolades. Even though most of these awards are not paired with cash compensation, they will help draw traffic to your hubs, and give you more credibility as a writer.

  • Opportunity to become a Featured Writer.

    HubPages also gives you the opportunity to become a featured writer. If you continually publish quality writing on your HubPages profile, and the more traffic you draw into the site in general, the higher your chances are to be featured on the HubPages website.

  • Opportunity to Grow.

    The more you write and publish to your HubPages profile the more you will grow as a writer.

  • Opportunity to Create a Following.

    HubPages gives one the opportunity to create a following. If people like what you write they are more than likely to follow you, and continue to read what you publish.

  • Opportunity to Ask Questions.

    When one joins the HubPages community, one is given the opportunity to ask a question and post it on the Internet, which in turn, means you will receive different answers, from different people around the world. The opportunity to ask questions will help broaden your horizons as a writer, and aid you in research for certain articles you wish to publish in the future.

  • Opportunity to Answer Questions.

    Just as one is given opportunity to ask questions, one is also given the opportunity to answer questions, providing the opportunity to teach and guide other writers.

  • Opportunity to Earn Money.

    HubPages gives writers the opportunity to earn money for their hard work and dedication.

Some More Perks of HubPages Include:

  • Fan Mail

  • Feedback

  • Comments

  • Support

  • Guidance

  • Knowledge on the Internet

  • Knowledge on Blog and Article Maintenance

  • Knowledge on Citing

  • Creating on On-line Resume

In Conclusion

HubPages is a great medium for writers who do not expect immediate compensation for their time and skills. It is a great community for those who love to learn and create. HubPages is a great place to splurge into the hobby of writing or even to launch a freelance writing career. If you take advantage of the opportunities and experience that HubPages has to offer, you will grow as a writer, ultimately creating credible, successful, and strong writing now and in the future.

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      SpaceShanty 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Many excellent and well summerised points.