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Hubpages Top 6 of all Hubbers(Dear Hubpages Team and Profound Hubbers)

Updated on July 29, 2015

Hubpages Top 6 of all Hubbers(Dear Hubpages Team and Profound Hubbers)

Hubpages Top 6 of all Hubbers(Dear Hubpages Team and Profound Hubbers)

Lucifer Lucifer Bright Star of the Morning

I am so speechless right now. God is Great.

I am so grateful....

21h29pm email received Central African Time

Johannesburg South Africa.

Thank you Mum Joyce Dad Jabu Bongi my Dearest little sister and the Tailane Dinesty Nkgwete and KGIZZIE my Family. All I Do is for YOU !!!!!!Buthi Mpilo Khumalo And all my Psychiatrists at Tembisa Hospital since 2012 January

‎Hi GodsPoetNkosi,

You have accomplished quite a feat; you have published ten Featured Hubs! And guess what? You are in the top 6% of Hubbers who achieved this milestone. Nice work!



Lucifer Lucifer Bright Star of the Morning

May you continue to watch over my shadow

While it is on Earth.

Catch my Breath when the Saints Poets

Philosophers ‎Angels and High Priests are calling

my soul to return to the Father the Gods ‎and the


The Path of the RIGHTEOUS on Earth is filled with

Thorns Dark Nights and smiles that deceive.

Those that grieve in the event and demise of a

dearly ‎departed cloud the path of the Soul when

It is time to leave the earth, and journey into our

Promised Land what we believed in while on

earth,weather we face Judgement or simply perish

into the universe, as the flesh turns into the Soil.

Tears of true Friends Family And Lovers may make

Us delay our trip into the after life as we feel a need

and ‎and purpose to watch over their SOULS while

They live their Lives.

Yet Enemies Demons and Dark Shadows fight

those that are in the Light!Day and Night on Earth.

When do we ever Rest?

You need to conquer your calling which is the

destiny of your life while you have life‎.

Depending on the depth of your consciousness,

how long you have lived on earth.

Your mistakes are not a coincidence. Your

flaws are a reflection of what you desire

a lifestyle motives actions and habits you have

accumulated over the ages, the thoughts you

keep in your mind.

Which are a reflection of the symbols and images

that lie in your heart.

What you are born with.

What you have Accumulated over time and years

as a human being ‎are a mirror image of your

deeds, and a continuation of your family tree.

Are we Born Great?

Can a Soul be Evil or Good from Birth?

Are we Born Rich Middle Class or Broke(Poverty)?.

You can squander your wealth no matter how

Great should you be reckless?

Should you be blessed and Wise you can work

Hard Save you can accumulate riches(Wealth).

Yet if you are Evil(greed,power, envy) can

you see Goodness have (Mercy, kindness, forgiveness)?

Perhaps what lies in the Heart when you have lived

your life, rich middle class or wealthy, what

lies in our heart Evil or Goodness determines

Weather we rest in Peace?


What is PEACE?

Good seeds kindness being cosy spiritually

physically materially emotionally as well as your

lifestyle (Class).


Some land from those that came before us and

those that remain after our Passing.

If the world around us is in constant turmoil

Can we ever be at Peace?...

As stress illness dreaded disease debt

unemployment ‎relationships and trust issues

broken hearts enemies foes.

How do you know the intentions and Motives

Of those closest to you and those in your inner


Only TIME can tell who WISHES Us Well

and those that Pray for our Downfall..

Which Prayers Does God choose to Answer?

The Prayer that was said first?

Or the Prayer with the Purest Intention?..

Gods Poet Nkosi


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