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Creation: Thought, Words, Action, Results, & Repeat

Updated on January 21, 2018
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Rodric completed his bachelor of psychology through the University of Phoenix. His perspective provides guidance and education.

Thoughts, words, action and results are the endless circle of creation. Each part of this cycle of creation has important features specific to its function as the precursor for the following event. In order to complete a cycle, there must be a conception of ideas that usually leads to documentation, on to implementation and culmination. Then, the cycle repeats to form another result.

The ability to think and recognize self-existence begins in the formative years soon after a child emerges from the womb and takes a breath for the first time.

Conception - Thought - Ideas


Of all the animals on the planet, one stands apart and unique from the others because of its ability to move beyond its instinctual programming and supplant the will to survive with reason.

Of course, this animal is human. The favored and often lightly considered phrase, “I think; therefore, I am,” truly reveals the extent to which man perceives the psychology of the human experience.

Humanity, people, are aware of themselves and others. Awareness of self and environment constitutes a level of understanding that approaches self-actualization, which is the inherited genetic right of each human being on the planet.

The ability to think and recognize self-existence begins in the formative years soon after a child emerges from the womb and takes a breath for the first time. Though instinctual drives consume the will to begin life, complex associations and experiences gradually form in the mind of that child to create a framework to provide a subjective concept of what constitutes existence.

This concept is the same for each person born—one that centers on the individual. Each person seeks to create an environment to bring creature comforts. Once met and properly facilitated continuously, the drive to ponder other things creates the thoughts that lead to ideas and the written word.

Documentation - Writing - Records


A word is the first nugget of an idea. It is the beginning of every story. All creations start with a word. From the creation theories of many cultures, a word has the power to transform and create.

Scholars have found evidence that the first known written language of Sumerian began about five thousand years ago, around 3500 BC. These Sumerians found it desirable to etch their words in stone rather than speak them tirelessly as many other cultures did for centuries prior .

Theological records of the Judeo-Christian and Islamic tradition suggest that God created mankind and introduced language and writing; therefore, suggesting that language, the spoken word has existed as long as God has existed—or at least until the phrase “let there be light.”


Humanity evolved as documentarians. Etchings were discovered in caves and in excavated sites providing evidence that always has mankind desired to have a visual representation of the processes churning in his head.

Oral traditions persisted until some group of humans understood the same signs and tokens to represent a way to convey information without speaking that could last for long periods of time.

Words are powerful tools that have the ability to create peace or destroy. Words powerfully convey the psychological nature of the author of a work and the perspective of a culture giving generations of readers a context from which to form a connection.

The expression “Sticks and Stones Will Break My Bones, but Words Will Never Hurt Me” was a well-planned strategy to teach a specific behavior about avoiding conflict. However, words can hurt more than sticks and stones.

Over time, bruises heal and wounds disappear. Words last forever. Once something is said, it cannot return to the giver. It travels forward creating or destroying in its path. More scarred by the hurtful words are victims of abuse than by the fists of the abusers.

So singularly important is the concept of the power of words that religion uses the spoken and written word as religious symbols to signify the permanence of a philosophy or the eternity of life.

Again “Let There Be Light!” Records are kept from which judgments are made and every idle word is accounted for in writing. The theological and scientific importance of words to humanity is astronomical.

The most amazing collection of words form the internet, which provides access to most all of humanity's available information on the planet that can possibly be learned, and it continues to grow. Words provide individuals with the power to remember and the power to create, to act.

Eli Whitney
Eli Whitney | Source

Implementation - Invention - Practice

Words lead to action. Ideas turn into practices. A couple of centuries ago a gentleman by the name of Eli Whitney solved a weapons problem for the US by applying an age-old process to what was otherwise a complex issue.

In order to supply muskets to individuals, each weapon was made whole, therefore being unique. Such uniqueness proved problematic if repairs were needed because each part had no mold to fashion a replacement.

Mr. Whitney began to form uniform parts for muskets that allowed quick repair in the form of an assembly line. Doing so made the unique and rare muskets common and affordable.

The problem was considered, a plan was conceived and written, and a process was implemented to solve the problem. Not that it occurs for each action, but thought and planning bring process.

In one religious tradition, it is taught that God created the heavens and earth by word and watched the created things until they obeyed His commands--revealing that a process occurred after the words were spoken.

Weigh In True or False

The way People Think Determines What They Accomplish.

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The Philosophy That “Actions Speak Louder Than Words” Has Double Meaning.

  1. First, actions are limited in nature. Words last forever in a sense, while an action can last for moments and cease to be remembered.
  2. Second, actions can have far-reaching effects that change the course of history for hundreds of years.

Culmination - Results - Achievement

The Honorable Muhammad
The Honorable Muhammad | Source
Apostle Paul
Apostle Paul | Source

At the top of the cycle of creation sits the after-effects of the thoughts, words, and actions of all humanity.

The vision that Muhammad had in the desert that led him to military victory and sparked the writing of the Koran has changed the way mankind lives for the past 16 centuries.

The death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth have permanently changed world history to guide the culture of great nations with evidence of its mark in every culture on the planet touched by the European technology developed within that sheltering cultural context.

After all has been said and done, what remains is the result.

So, as a man thinks, he speaks, he acts and he is.

If there is anything of good report or worthy of praise, as the Apostle Paul teaches the Philippians, seek after those things. The result is worth the effort.

Weigh In

You can change your life with one positive thought.

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Repeat - Reiterate - Continuously Create

So, as a man thinks, he speaks, he acts and he is into perpetuity. This is so whether it is for good or ill. So, if there is anything of good report or worthy of praise, as the Apostle Paul teaches the Philippians, seek after those things. The result is worth the effort and the repetition.

© 2012 Rodric Johnson


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    • Rodric29 profile image

      Rodric Johnson 5 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Thanks for commenting joanwz. I am honored that anything that I wrote did something positive for you. You blessed my day by typing that here.

    • joanwz profile image

      Joan Whetzel 5 years ago from Katy, Texas

      This has turned out to be very timely form me. I have been ruminating on this subject a bit lately and I find your input quite helpful. THanks.