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Humor: Peter Piper's Pickles Found! (A Variation On The Famous Tongue Twister)

Updated on November 10, 2011

The old and the newer....

A famous, tried, and true tongue twister asks how many pickles a fellow named P. Piper had.

But I prefer that the real ending question to that old tongue twister should rather be::

"Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?"

Doing so allows for this answer to be added:

"Peter Piper's picked peck of pickled peppers is probably packed in polypropylene packages."

Tongue twisters have always been a favorite reason for good humored laughter, not only at others stumbling over a sequence of usually familiar words, but even a good reason for laughing at ourselves and how we stumble over them, too.

I would venture to guess that as long as we have had language we share with other people, someone has enjoyed the repetitive sound tangles any language can provide.

Perhaps the original one might have said something like:

"Cave man cave cave in! Cave man cave cave with din. Cave man din in cave cave in."

A sad way to find out that your home was gone, and dinner with it!

But perhaps Cave Man and Cave Woman were left with something to laugh about, and to remember the occasion by.

Words and sounds, without them where would we be?

Back to mental telepathy?

For more famous tongue twisters, check some of the following information and book titles presented below. And try HubPages' "Czech Chicken Checker" tongue twister.

Books About/With Tongue Twisters


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