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Hungerfiend - Guy Haley - Black Library - Warhammer Audio Drama Review

Updated on April 5, 2020
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I'm an Air Force veteran who was stationed in Guam at one point.

Running time 25 minutes. Performed by John Banks, Matthew Hunt, Melvyn Rawlinson, Richard Reed & David Seddon.

Hungerfiend is a short audio drama from the Black Library branch of Games Workshop. Games Workshop is the company that owns the popular miniature wargame called Warhammer. The Black Library has hundred of short audio drama's for very cheap.

In a desolate corner of Ghur, a dread Mourngul haunts a graveyard – but there is more to the spirit than meets the eye, and the mystery could spell doom for Prince Maesa.

— Advent Calendar 2018: Day Twenty-One

It's another chapter in the adventures of Guy Haley's aelven prince, and this one takes him out of Shyish… though still hunting the creatures of Death.


Drawn to a haunted graveyard in the Realm of Beasts by rumours of a fearsome creature, the aelven Prince Maesa seeks to cleanse the area of its taint. Along with his allies Stonbrak the duardin and Shattercap, the malevolent spite who serves him, Maesa sets out to defeat the beast – a terrifying and monstrous spirit known as a Mourngul. But there is more to this horror than meets the eye, and unless they can solve the mystery surrounding it, the Mourngul may spell the heroes' fate.

— Official description

This audio drama is a fantasy Warhammer story that follows a short adventure of an Elven prince that is hunting the Dispossessed in a graveyard. The Dispossessed are the new label for the Undead army. The Elf is accompanied by a gruff Dwarf and a mischievous sprite. These characters are mostly for comedic support. Dwarfs are commonly added to fantasy stories for humor.

The story is simple, yet effective in keeping your attention. The voice acting and sound effects are professional. Most stories in Warhammer follow common themes, and this one definitely toes the line of the "order fights chaos". The "heroes journey" theme is important in fantasy, and this is followed in this story as well. Games Workshop has been pushing undead themed enemies a lot since the introduction of the Age of Sigmar transition of the game.

The horror elements of this story are light but the subject matter might be too frightening for very young or fragile listeners. The monster may be too scary for the passing toddler that might be in the room while you are enjoying the story.

If you need to be entertained for 25 minutes, I would suggest this audio drama only if you fit these criteria.

  • You like audio dramas
  • You like Warhammer Fantasy
  • You like light storyline.

I would say this a pretty "middle of the road" audio drama. It's not the worst, but it's not the best. I would suggest it to a friend, go check it out if you like audio dramas. If you don't, skip this one and look for better to get into the genre. If you like this story, the author has written a bunch of stories about this same Elven prince. Go check out his other work too!

3 stars for Hungerfiend

© 2020 Ian McGonigal


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