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Gregg Hurwitz Comic Book Writer

Updated on May 12, 2015

Greg Hurwitz was born and raised in 1973 in San Francisco’s Bay Area, California. His Father and Grandfather before him were Physicians, as was his sister, but Hurwitz had no intention of following in the family’s footsteps. As a youngster, Hurwitz’ father would habitually tell stories at the dinner table detailing gruesome operations he had that day performed on patients.

Later on in Hurwitz’s life, these early experiences would prove invaluable groundwork for his crime novels. Hurwitz was accepted into Harvard’s prestigious Bachelor Arts degree course and as an undergraduate, he enjoyed pole vaulting in his spare time. After graduating Harvard in 1995, he was accepted at OxfordUniversity to read Shakespearean tragedy. While at Oxford, he excelled in writing academic articles on Shakespearean tragedies which were published and played soccer for OxfordUniversity’s team. Having graduated, he taught fiction writing at British UCLA when he returned to America, he developed an interest in writing fiction for DC and Marvel comics, fleshing out superhero characters such as Wolverine, Batman, The Punisher and Foolkill. He also wrote his first novel The Tower, a psychological thriller set in his home turf of San Francisco.

Next, Hurwitz embarked on a long trek across the Galapagos Islands where he was particularly taken with the vivid marine iguanas, lava plains, carpets of giant crab spiders and was even brave enough to swim in shark infested waters. Upon his return home, he managed to speak to a wide range of academics and professionals from Etymologists, Ecologists, Geologists, and Virologists to Navy Seals. Getting to grips with how military Special Forces utilize equipment, Hurwitz became familiar with M16 weapons, side arms, SWAT ranges, survival techniques and hand-to-hand combat. When he finally returned to Los Angeles he wrote his second novel Minutes to Burn, which became a worldwide bestseller. For his third novel Do No Harm, Hurwitz reminisced about his youth when his father would sit at the dining table after work and discuss how he operated on severed fingers and hands.

Researching his third novel, he persuaded government operatives to reveal surveillance techniques and also gained permission to observe doctors in hospital emergency rooms. Do No Harm was published and again, made the international bestseller list. Before Hurwitz was able to finish his fourth novel The Kill Clause, Jerry Bruckheimer the Hollywood director chose him to write the screenplay for his feature film Rogue Warrior. This was based on the autobiography of Richard Marcinko. A retired U.S. Navy Seal, Vietnam Veteran, with thirty years experience in the Navy, he is now a Military consultant.

Hurwitz continues to write screenplays for both TV and Films, many of which have received high acclaim. Hurwitz wrote a further nine novels, Trust No One was nominated for the CWA’s Ian Fleming Steel Dagger award. Most of his books have won various accolades, and all twelve of his novels have been translated into twenty-two languages. In 2013 Library Journal and Kirkus named Hurwitz as Bestseller Thriller Novelist for his most recent book entitled Survivor.


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