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Hybrid Roza

Updated on June 6, 2014


With Thorn back in my life, I thought life couldn't get any better. Though I had one problem. Thorn accepting Luke. Well two things. Luke excepting Thorn. It was something I didn't know how to handle. Because I couldn't lose Luke now. Not after what he had done for me, and that he was one,‎ my former best friend since we were six. But I also couldn't lose Thorn, because of the bond that we have between each other. He is my Soul mate.

The first night Thorn showed up, I made him stay with me because I couldn't bare for him to leave. It was just unbearable. Nothing happened though, only I slept in his arms the whole night. I couldn't believe how whole I felt now.

I woke to find Thorn not in my bed and I instantly felt overwhelmed. And wanted to burst into tears. I started thinking that yesterday was just a dream and that Thorn didn't come back to me. But some part deep down knew that he did, because I could still feel that wholeness. But it felt far away. The tears formed in my eyes and one slipped before I could force them back.
Before I could burst into tears I heard something in the kitchen. And it freaked the crap out of me. I contemplated if I should stay in bed or see what was out there. I said to myself that I was staying put. But I found myself getting up and putting my dressing gown on. I picked up my phone and carefully opened the door to my room and stepped out to the hallway.

I started tip toeing down the hall, and thought to myself if I should Call Luke to come over. Ever since his wife-the girl that made my life a living hell at school-died giving birth to their baby, he felt as if he had no one else to call and he called me. The first call I hung up as soon as I heard his voice. But he rang me straight back and pleaded that I didn't hang up. So I didn't and I snapped at him to ask him what he want. It was there that I heard that he sounded broken. So I listened.

I wanted so badly to tell him to go to hell. But a stronger feeling, I felt sorry for him. And I thought that I once did love him. And he was once my best friend for many years. So I told him to meet me at a cafe and we would talk some more before I made my mind up.

He meet me that afternoon. And I still remember the way he walked up to me. It was like he didn't know if he should smile at me because of what he had done to me. So I weakly smiled at him, when I saw how wreaked he looked. It was the first time I had seen him that bad.

'I want to apoligise for what I did to you. I am so sorry.' That was his very first words when he sat down at the table. He reached out and placed his hand over mine. I felt so uncomfortable. I slide my hand out of his.

I told him if I was to be his friend again and to forgive him, I needed time. He said he understood. But that afternoon when I got back home, I started thinking alot about what I should do. It wasn't until two weeks later that I contacted him and ask to go out for coffee. He agreed. And from then it got slowly better. We had spent the last two years inseparable. You could say that we were the best friends from when we were little. Like nothing has happened.

Though last year our friendship stretched abit. Luke kissed me and confessed that he still loved me, and that it was really only me. I told him that my heart belonged somewhere else. And we got into an argument, with Luke saying that he wasn't here. That he(Thorn) was nether coming back. But he was there. Right in front of my face. I wouldn't have it. And I ignored his calls for a month. That was when I started to believe that maybe Luke was right and that Thorn wasn't coming back. We both apologized and I tried to move on with other people(I couldn't with Luke, because of what happened in the past.) But I just couldn't do it.

I reached the kitchen and decided not to ring Luke. And I stepped into the kitchen and was automatically relieved when I saw who it was. I t was Thorn. And he was making breakfast. So many mixed emotions flooded me I wanted to cry.

'Don't do that to me again,'

Thorn agreed that he wouldn't do that to me again. He then made me breakfast. And I watched him make me breakfast. I thought he looked sexy cooking for me. And I made a mental note that I wasn't going to cook again.

Today we decided to just lounge around the house and watch dvd's and talk about what has been going on these last years that we were away from each other.

I had a great feeling that things were going to go right for me. Now that I had my soul mate in my life. Now that I felt whole.


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