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Hybrid Roza- Chapter Two

Updated on June 9, 2014


It's been six months and we were so happy. Sometimes I thought I could bust with all the happiness that I felt swirling inside my body.

We were to meet Luke in a couple of hours. I was looking forward to it, because for one I hadn't seen him in weeks. Because he has been on some trip overseas.

But also he wanted to show off his new girlfriend. Which would be his sixth in only three years. I just hoped that she was the one. Because I know that he had been lonely and sometime I can see it in his eyes when he looks at Thorn and I.

I really felt for him because I knew how it felt to be alone. Really alone. I had to feel that for the year that I was bullied at school, and then the last two and a half years when I didn't have Thorn.

But before I could meet them, I had to visit my father. He wanted to see me for something that he wouldn't tell me over the phone. It was something that had to be said face to face. It annoyed me, to no end. But because he was my father and we had gotten close these last two years I thought I wouldn't give him shit about it.

I was running a bit late to meet my father, so instead of having Thorns beautiful breakfast, I had to pass and gulp down a few spoon fulls of berry yogurt. And then I was out the door.
I made it to my fathers office, just a little over 2 minutes late. Only because I sped. Which I didn't like to do, because my old truck would surely not like it if I did it too much. But I loved my truck. and wouldn't let anyone try and tell me that I needed another one. Or if someone say they were going to buy me another one, I would get crappy with them and say,'If I wanted another one, I would buy one.' Or 'You hand over those keys and I will sell it.' Luke tried it once and I did sell it. I didn't keep the money though, I put every dime into a charity event for disabilities.

The only one that hasn't tried anything was Thorn. And I guess he knew me the most. And he understood.

I knocked on the door and before he could answer I walked straight in. I looked at my father as I plonked myself down on one of his leather chairs, and the way he looked at me. Lets just say I had no idea why he was looking at me like that. I couldn't even tell you, what the look looked like.

'Can we please get this done with. I am supposed to be meeting Thorn and Luke. Luke has a new girl that he wants me to meet. Plus I am a bit crappy because you didn't give me an appropriate time and I didn't have a proper breakfast.'

'Well, I can say you are your fathers daughter. Always wanting to get things done quickly. And crappy if you don't have enough of breakfast.' He smiled at me lovingly.

'Can we.'

'OK,' He sighed. 'I have been waiting for this my whole life and I don't know how to say it.'

'If it makes it any better. Just spit it out.'

'OK.' He paused for a long minute. Well it felt like a minute, but it was probably only a half a minute. 'You are special.'

'Well thanks.'

'No I mean. When your twenty-one you'll be noticing things are different... And what I am trying to say is that you have powers.'

'Get a grip dad.'

'I am not joking.' I looked up at him and noticed that he did have a really honest look on his face.

'OK, If you telling the truth, show me.''What am I doing? I must be mad!' I thought. And stood up.

'OK.' He held out his hand, And there it was a red fiery ball appeared. My eyes must have poped out of my head, because he started laughing. 'You see my sweet girl, you'll have this too,' Hold up his fire ball still.

I covered my eyes for a minute, just to get my bearings.'OK. Put it away now.' I couldn't believe how calm I was being. 'What are you?'

'Well I am a demon. Which makes you part Demon. Which that calls you a hybrid.'

'A Hybrid?'

'Yes dear. Your mother was special too.'

'My mother isn't special. She is self centered.'

'Ah, that's your adopted mother.'

'What?' I nearly yelled, because I was surely going into shock or something.

'I'm sorry for you to find out like that. It's just it was time for you to know your true self.'

'OK... Wait. You said that my mother was special too. What do you mean Was.?'

'She died, giving birth to you.'

'So why was I adopted out? Why couldn't you have me?'

'Because what your mother and I had, was unthinkable. It wasn't aloud.'


'Because we were too different. Me being a Demon and your mother, was a witch.'

'Do you have a pic of her.'

'Sorry hon I don't.'

Something came to me. And I thought I better ask my father.

'So is that why I had a dream about Thorn before I knew him. I mean, He helped me out and didn't tell me his name and that night I had a dream of him and he told me his name in the dream.'

'Ah Thorn. Well he has some explaining to do. But yes.'

'What do you mean some explaining to do?'

'I can't tell you until you have a talk to Thorn.'

'Fine... I better be going. I think I need to lay down or something.'

And before I let my father speak I took off. I think all this information has given me a head ache. I took the Stairs so I could think and a million things came into my head at once.

'Well that's why I never got along with my mother,' I thought.

'What does it mean that Thorn had some explaining to do?'

Things kept going through my head. All the questions in my head gave me a massive head ache. I wanted to cancel my plans with Luke and Thorn. But I couldn't. Because Luke was depending on me. He really wanted me to see this girl that Luke is with.
So I jumped in my truck and pulled out my phone to text Luke to say I was on my way. Once I did that, I left.

Another thing just came to me.

'I'm twenty-one in only four weeks... Shit.'

I reached the cafe where I was to meet them and they were all there. I looked up and my eyes meet with this girl eyes. And for some reason, I felt like I knew her from some where. I felt a connection. I knew that we were going to be great friends. She then smiled and I smiled back. That was when the guys noticed that I had arrived. Luke and Thorn both stood up. And Thorn came over to me, wrapped his arm around my waist and we started walking towards the table.

'Hey,' I said. As I reached the table.

'Hi,' Luke and his girlfriend said.

'You must be the lady that Luke wanted me to meet.' I said.

'I hope I am.' she smile at Luke.

'This is Alex. Alex this is Rosie.'

'Hey.' We said again.

When I was seated I quickly ordered a coffee. The head ache I swore was getting worse.

'Gez I have the most biggest head ache. I swear it is from my father.' Thorn placed his hand on my leg.

After only a few minutes of talking I excused myself. I needed to go home and take an aspirin. I apoligise and the look on Luke's face told me he wasn't happy. So I made arrangements for the two to come over my house and I would get some dinner. And we would get to know each other more.

* * *

When I finished having my aspirin, I walked back into the living room where Thorn was sitting. He had the computer opened and was reading something. And at the point I couldn't take it anymore, I wanted answers and I wanted them now.

'I believe you have some explaining to do,' I blurted out from where I was standing.

I instantly got worried. Because I heart would just crumple if he said he was seeing another women. I wouldn't be able to handle that. But then what else would my father mean?

He looked up at me and there was instant worry in his eyes.'I...I...' He stumbled.

'Well I had an interesting conversation with my father today.'

He sat back down and he was relieved only a little bit. I could still see that he was afraid of me finding out something that I didn't already know.

'Oh,' He breathed.

'Thorn just tell me. I want to know. Because if you che-'

He started chuckling and I started thinking the worst.

'I am not cheating on you. I would never. Though maybe what I have to tell you, you would probably wish it was something like that.'

It had me thinking what could be worse then Thorn cheating on me. I was sick of all the thinking. And I was done.

'Thorn, I demand that you tell me. I am sure that what I have to tell you, you would want to leave or send me to the mental ward.'

'OK. Sit here.' He patted the space beside him and I sat next to him. 'Before I tell you you must know that I have been trying to tell you since the first day I met you.'

'Thorn what ever your going to tell me, I am positive that I am not going to run away. Especially what I just found out about myself.'

'OK,' He breathed out. 'I am not twenty seven. I am much older. Much.'

'How much?'

'I am over a hundred and fifty years old.'

'So what are you?'

I was beginning to wonder if he was a Demon too. It didn't freak me out or worry me, of how old he was. Well tell you the truth, if I didn't know what I knew about myself a few hours ago, It might have scared me a little. But then again, It wouldn't have surprised me, because of how strong our relationship was and how we knew things about each other. Even when we were still just strangers.

'I am an immortal. A vampire.'

'OK.' That surprised me because I was thinking a Demon. But a vampire?

I didn't think that they existed. But then again, he was still some sort of Demon and I didn't care. I actually think I felt more love towards him. Which I didn't think was possible. But know we have this one thing in common. Nothing was going to ever come between us.

'It's alright if you don't want to be with me. But I am going to pay your father a visit.'

'Oh, don't worry about him. And I am not going anywhere.' I smiled up at him.

'Your not. Why? I am a monster.' He looked away from me. As if he was ashamed of what he is.

'If you are then I am.' I said straight.

He looked back at me, I could see that his eyes had changed color. They were like a black instead of a dark chocolate brown. It didn't scare me the least.

'What?' He growled. 'Don't say that.'

'Don't you want to know what has been bothering me all morning?'

'Sure I do. I want to know everything that your feeling.' I can still tell that he was a little bothered.

'My father told me things today and I don't know how to take it. I was worried how you would see me, when I told you. But I'm not right now. I am glad what you told me. It makes me feel better.'

Thorns eyes changed. They went back to normal and I could see the intense love that was always in them. But mixed with that was now he was worried about me.

'Roza... You could have green skin and I would still love you. You could have one eye and I would still love you... You are a very beautiful and sexy woman, but it is not about looks. It's about my soul loves your soul. We are each others souls.'

'OK. I am just going to come out and say it then...' Thorn looked into my eyes and waited. 'My father says that on my twenty-first birthday my true self will show itself.'

'Your true self?'

'My father says that my mother was a witch and that he is a Demon.'

Thorn sighed. But it was more of a relief then any thing.

'Finally. I am so glad that that is out and over with. I am sorry I couldn't tell you. It was against everything.'

'What are you talking about?'

'I knew what you are.'

'Why didn't you tell me?' I demanded.

'Because If I did, they would have taken you away from me. It was against the law and I couldn't bare to lose you. Not then and not now.'

For some reason I knew that. And I wasn't angry. I was just relieved that it was out and we can move on with our lives.



Thorn and I sat there for hours talking about everything that was missing. And it turns out that his name before he became a vampire was Tristan Knight. I wasn't sure if I could call him that because it would feel weird, calling the man that I love a different name.

Thorn also told me that he had two brothers and a sister. But they were murdered. He told me that he didn't know why the vampire saved him and chose to kill his siblings. I could tell that that still haunts him.

Thorn told me that for a hundred years, he was wild and killed many innocent humans. He also told me that he killed his master that turned him. He couldn't stand the sight of him. And when he did that, He became master for a long while.

It wasn't until twenty-five or so years ago that he came across a witch and that witch gave him a vision. It was of me. Thorn said, that even though he was still evil, that he felt the connection to me and that made him want to become good. So the witch inserted a soul into him. And from that very day, he had searched for me.

He then told me that he became close to a family, that was the same as him and he had lived with them for the last twenty years. They helped Thorn after he received his soul, because he was in a bad way. There are five others that lived with him.

At the end of our conversation, he told me that they already knew of me. That he told them about me twenty years ago, and they couldn't wait for Thorn to find me so they could meet. And when he told me that I felt like I couldn't wait to see them. The people that has been his family for twenty years. But at the same time I was a bit scared because I didn't know what they were like.

All I could tell Thorn was that I only found out that I was adopted. That I was adopted because what my real parents had was unthinkable. It was against the rules and if they found out that I was alive, The law keepers would have killed me. So my father hide me.
I didn't tell Thorn that I might be in danger still if they found out. I was going to keep that to myself. Well until I knew for sure any way.

The door bell rang and I realised the time. It was Luke and his girlfriend. And I forgot all about it. So I picked up my phone and dialed my friend-the owner of the best chinese food-while Thorn grabbed the door.

Once I hung up and grabbed each of us a glass of red wine I came and sat next to everyone in the lounge room. I looked over to Luke and I could tell that he really liked this women. He had his hand on her leg and sat really close to her. I snuggled into Thorn and we started talking.

Dinner was great. But it always was. And we spoke some more after dinner. I really liked this women and I knew I was going to stay close friends with her. And the best part about it all was now I had a shopping parter that was a girl. It was a bit hard shopping with men.

'We should go shopping tomorrow.' I said.

'Sure. What time?'

'Well I have to see my publisher and then after say eleven-thirty and we'll get lunch together to if you'd like.'

I had to say publisher intsead of my father, because I wasn't sure yet if I was endanger. And I was surprised that Luke went a long with it. I wondered why?

'That would be great. It's actualy great that I have another lady to go shopping with. Luke is the worst.'

'I know. And I feel the same.'

'I don;t mean to be a drag, but we should go. And anyway, you''ll probably have to leave really early tomorrow to meet with your publisher.'



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