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I; A Sliver in the Sky

Updated on June 3, 2013

Note: There are two perspectives here. Three personalities

I; A Sliver in the Ski

These rivers flood. Gearing- ceasing, my course, my decree of finality. Marring reproach and baring f

lecks, stains, spots.

They are thwarting me, from remnants of residue of nobility and brotherhood and union. Downward…I

look. I hide, as a sliver in the ski. Diamonds twinkle all around me I see; His face contained, never free.

Never to leave. He misses, he drops, he blunders. Command miscarries.

Devout sinful moments, spotted in seasons concludes.


River you sparkle- you glint, cunning you dwindle. You deceive me not, with flashy hueless scenes. I

see you absolute. No fickle treachery. Show your boldness of feature. We do not credit, so do not

honor Common claims of faintheartedness. You are mild.

Will not bother with worry, we cling to you. Your boldness of feature shines thru. Your gilt inlaid of

gleaming gold, entangled in riddles. Clutched close, held to heart, you lie beneath, wearing a mask of

reflections. Where is our lethal warrior? We see your splendor beneath the moon. I hear her implore

you for fairness, for a chance to spin in your embrace. Yet, your response is sullen silence.

(She is pleading) “Can’t you see? I’m dancing upon your gaze… You; Water, I dance upon your gaze.

Can’t you see…? I’m joyful…not forlorn.”

She asks you; let her grow bright for you. Upon your gleaming moisture, she sees reflections of


Of broken trees. Violently, they circle your surface.

Do practice manner .Do not bend. Show her the boldness of your feature.

“Can’t you see…? Can’t you hear it? There are drums beating. The gods’ muses are playing at a song.

They’ve urged me here, called me away from blankness, and into the temptations of the midnight hour.

Eros has bowed to his bow, he’s deemed himself defeated!”

Let her touch your brim! Let her mold your dreary drench! Blast your resolution! Her stars glare at you!

Let them glow. Together they create you.

“He urges you now; the waters brim, hear him delight, as you dance with me. Dancing to my jolly jig,

you hold me by the hand but touch me inside. Can’t you see…?”

Do not be bothered. They do not molest you, cherish them, they will examine your speed and refresh


“Can’t you see…?I am not defeated. Your waters will not let me sink. Can’t you see…?

Fireflies have lit the ski. They rest upon my flesh. Their glow fills my pores. And now I am bright!”

You are not an imbecile. I no nitwit. Why folly in the way of games? I see you absolute, she sees you

absolute and we will not wince from your fashionable strife. Allay your lash to fury I subdue you. Listen

now. Hear her, she is pleading.

“Can’t you see…? Eros is at peace, and Medusa wrote this song. Yet, you cannot see…Do not leave

me here. Leave me to despair. Let it only be lemures whose necks grow sleek. I am your reflection.

Your waters touch me inside. Can’t you see…? That I will not sink, not as I dance to the song of

muses, not as I move under the heavens mighty weight, because the lemures are only glaring.”

Your resolution, blast it! I upon this sliver see so clearly. Let the light bouncing on your surface show


Ending you are touchy. Then act not an imposture. Let her pour into your waters, and draw off from me.

I am but a sliver in the ski. I will not let you hold fragments of memories. You must draw off. There is

nothing here. You are drowning the flowers, fighting for air, beneath your sleekness of body. Listen,

again, her voice grows too soft.

“I am this reflection. You; Water touch me inside. Can’t you see…? That I will not sink. Not as I dance

to the song of muses. Not as I move under the heavens mighty weight, because the lemures are only

glaring. God- hold his surface! Keep it still…like a floor. I command your gaze, to float over this sad


You are steady, and she enduring.

“Can’t you see? I am dancing to a song I never thought I’d hear. The seasons have shifted. I have

purpose, as Atlas watches me.”

Let your breath continue. Rugged and uneven. Address in lesson jaded hills.

Mold harmony and quiet thru stoic mountain tops, show them your boldness of feature. Blast their

resolution! Let her stars shine for you, and they will see them glow. Do not leave her alone. She begins

to weep.

“Can’t you see? I’m dancing upon the waters gaze…Can’t you see…? I’m joyful…not forlorn”

And maybe then you will draw off from me.

“Hear it? Those are drums beating. The gods’ muses are playing at a song. They’ve urged me here

Called me away from cold comfort into the temptations of the midnight hour.”

“Water let me shine….For I will only shine with you.”

Now you listen…Our lethal warrior, my voice has found you, and you are joyful, not forlorn.

Yes, my heart is full. Flowers bloom, as you leave droplets of moisture in your wake.

“We dance. We cast new reflections, as we join together, for the sake of grace.”

I; a sliver in the ski, am joyful, not forlorn.


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