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I Am A Rockstar

Updated on August 12, 2020
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Thanks for stopping by! My name is Monica Viera and I'm an author who interviews different artists from around the world.

"An Expert Guide to Success"

Uma Vanka has a timely new book, 'I Am A Rockstar', and he is definitely a rockstar in his own right. A seasoned digital transformation leader, over the last two decades, Uma has helped transform large organizations into IT innovators and value generators, making sure visions become reality. Uma has a gift for guiding people to success, a lot of which comes from his travel experiences to over 50 countries which has given him exposure to various cultures and behavior, and broadened the scope of all the techniques he provides in his book. Sharing his personal stories and expertise, Uma provides tools in leadership, communication, deal making, branding and presentation skills in a candid and refreshing way. Ultimately, ‘I Am A Rockstar’ gives readers the skills they need to master the art and science of success in business which is very timely given the number for people having to pivot in their careers due to the pandemic. It's also a great tool for those starting out in their career and for those who want to pursue their dream career at any age.

Q & A With Uma Vanka

Tell us about your professional background, and how you started your career.

I work in the field of Information Technology, making businesses more efficient through the use of technology. I started my career at the lowest level in an organization straight out of college at $200 a month salary and grew up the ladder to where I am now.

What was the impetus to write this book?

I was always passionate about sharing my thoughts with the world and see others benefit from them, but the struggles I faced a few years ago during an entrepreneur journey was the last straw.

That’s a great title, “I Am A Rockstar, An Expert Guide to Success,” how did you come up with it?

The title merely indicates self-belief. Success is a journey that starts with self-belief and we all are Rockstars, if we believe we are Rockstars.

You've traveled extensively. How did your travels impact the book?

I believe that learning and selling never stop. I am a learner and try to learn from every moment in life. The scope of learning drastically broadened through my travels. I specifically studied behaviors influenced by culture and quality of life, impacted by leadership, all of those learnings made their way into the book.

What was the writing process like for you?

Most of the writing was done either in airports / airplanes during good old days when we could all travel or locked up in my room away from distractions during COVID stay at home, especially late at night. From a writing style perspective, I use simple and easy to follow language and lot of examples and stories.

The book is timely in terms of the pandemic and the many, many people shifting gears professionally, how do you encourage people to approach the job hunt and/or shift gears during this trying time?

You are right. ‘I am a Rockstar’ primarily helps readers with two things. 1) Find their alternate destination 2) Upskill and move to the alternate destination faster

I understand you're working on your next book, 'How to be a Little Rockstar'. Can you tell us a bit about that and how informing kids is a different process than adults?

Yes. I am writing this along with my kids and am very excited about it. ‘I Am a Little Rockstar’ is for kids 6+ (any kid that can read) and is geared towards deeply instilling the concepts of self-belief, resilience and confidence at a very young age and getting them ready to face peer pressure, criticism and bullying. Writing process is completely different and needs a lot of fiction, humor and interaction to keep them engaged.

Uma is currently working on his next book, ‘I Am A Little Rockstar’ for kids. For more information, go to:


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