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I Am My Dream Of Life

Updated on December 1, 2011

I Am My Dream Of Life

I Am My Dream Of Life

I am my own creator; of this dream of life I see.

It started one day of an idea I had when life I wanted to be.

I thought about the picture of the world I’d like to see,

A world of trees, a world of flowers, a world of oceans and seas.

I thought it would be nice to add movement to all these things,

So I thought of a way to make the waves in the oceans and the seas.

I even had the flowers dance and the branches wave in the trees.

It was wind that I created in this picture that I could see.

An amazing thing this life that I dreamed, but it wasn’t enough, It needed something.

I thought about color and how great that would be; a contrast of yellows, blues and greens.

But where would I put these colors to be, to finish this picture of life I dreamed?

It didn’t take long for me to find that I had many more colors in my mind.

I needed more things to put in my life for the colors I dreamed to fit just right.

I planted grass, and made a sky, I threw in some rocks to catch my eye.

My options were growing; my imagination grew.

I thought about the grass being green and a sky of blue.

Before long my picture of life took shape as the brown trees stood tall to create a cape;

Over the flowers of red yellow and green that surrounded the shores of my blue oceans and seas.

The rocks of gray and white and tan gave texture throughout my great plan.

I started to see in this dream I dreamed that I began to form some land.

I thought, if I could only see what it was like to sit under a tree,

That I surely would have had the ultimate dream.

I imagined myself in my dream; and there I was beneath the tree.

It was so real; I couldn’t believe that I just created my reality.

Now it is the energy of me that I see beneath the tree in reality.

I am no longer just the conscious of energy unseen, for now I know what I see can be.

I know it is only part of me beneath that tree, because I am dreaming that part I see.

If part of me is beneath that tree, than it can see what it dreams.

As I watch the dream of flowers and trees, the oceans and seas and the wind and me,

I notice there are other things that I did not dream evolving within my dream.

At times my dream of life becomes dark, and at times it gets very bright.

I think my counterpart in the dream, is creating his own dream.

As I continue to watch my dream of life, I discover many things.

There are fish in the sea, there are birds in the trees, there are animals walking around me.

There are clouds in the sky that are seen when it’s light, there are stars when it’s dark; I’ll call this night.

There is sound coming from within the trees; as the wind whistles through the leaves.

I see and hear many things that were not there when I started this dream.

The weird thing is that the part of me that is in my dream is living a dream.

When that part of me is living my dream, He doesn’t remember he’s in the dream.

He thinks independently when it’s light, and comes back to me when it’s night.

He talks to me about the dream and asks for ideas for his reality.

After talking all night and working out the thoughts he returns in my dream and lives and walks.

He believes he is real in this dream he walks.

He plays out ideas from our nightly talks.

He got to the point of forgetting he’s a dream when he lives out the play of his own reality.

He knows there is more to life other than the things he can see;

But because he’s a dream he knows not of me.

He searches for answers to how he began, how he was created into a man.

I watch him evolve as he creates his own dreams, and help him along when he cannot see.

There are times he believes he is alone so he creates companions in his dreams to hold.

He has dreams like me of a better place, and he makes those dreams come into play.

He watches himself in his own dreams at night, when speaking to me and seeing the light.

But again he forgets when he returns to my dream of who he is and who he can be.

His power is great, more than he will know.

He learned to create, he learned to grow.

But he’ll keep searching for answers unknown as he creates more things, as his life goes on.

One day he will die when I end my dream, but he will be reborn in another scene.

He will not remember that he lived before because the play will be different, a world of more.

The conscious energy of who I am will hold the experiences and the knowledge gained.

Life is an illusion formed from a dream, which is formed from a dream, which is formed from a dream.

If my dreams create the realities in which I live,

And each dreamed reality creates other dreamed realities in which I live,

Than I was, I am, and I always will be for now and forever my life of a dream.

By: Allen J. Williams


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