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You're The Man

Updated on July 24, 2018

*In spite of some of writings, I am NOT an arrogant or conceited man. On the contrary, I am very Blessed and have so much going for me, but still need to battle low self esteem and avoid a natural pessimistic and self deprecating attitude. Writing empowering poem/ songs is a therapy to boost me up when I get down. These songs are written for me, but I would be thrilled and honored if they had a similar effect on someone else's life!

*Entheos (N-tha-ose) is my Spiritual name which I've adopted (more accurately- ....which has adopted me). Entheos means "having God within" in ancient Greek.It's a big responsibility but for Heaven's Sake, I'll own that!!!

"The Man"- Aloe Blacc

I’m The Man- I’m The Man-I’m The Man!

I’m The Man- I’m The Man-I’m The Man!


*Radiating like an Angel, dangerous just like a Demon

Soul that's white as snow, gotta potty mouth just like a seaman

Hades couldn't handle me, I'm back again to take a stand

I'll deal with the Devil, y'all go join the Promised Land

Isn't it ironic, that I rock a Lamborghini Diablo

God given name Entheos, hermano por eso hablo

Deposit box like Fort Knox, owning 14 Swiss Banks

Palace up in Paradise, givin' back and givin' thanks

Creation is an oyster, I got the m*ther f*ckin' pearl

Honey, I'm the Blessed One, this is my m*ther f*ckin' world

I guess I am the Greatest, indisputable just like Jordan

Reminiscin’ havin’ nothin’, nothin’ now I ain’t affordin’

I’m Gettin’ too important, but chill out- I ain’t gonna die

I got immortality- the Good Lord must want me alive

I'm an ambitious go-getter

A winner pace setter

Philanthropic with the cheddar

Ain't no devil badder

Ain't no Angel better


My Soul is tellin' me

My Soul keeps tellin' me

Somethin' in my Soul is tellin' me

"You're the Man, You're the Man, You're the Man

You're my Man, You're my Man, You're my Man"

YES- I- AM!!!

I'm the man, I'm the man, I'm the man


I've become all things- I am everything to all my brothers

I've gotten their respect- now can we please make my reach bigger?

Blessed beyond all measure, Dear God, so little still remains

I give more than I get these days, because it’s right- not for acclaim

Help children in the schoolyard, broken families- so hard

Help survivors left by cancer- widows left- lives scarred


***(God) "Welcome son to the inferno, fire not only for the sinners

Fire that also purifies, fire that also forges Winners

White flames, blue flames, Faith led you through flames

The thin skinned all incinerated- they can't believe you face the same

7 billion stories, half of them are naked

Really, irony is, the other half won't make it

Entheos you got beef, Praise my name you proved them wrong,

They thought you became disabled- I used that to make you strong”***

My whole world crumbled yesterday- then I asked for everything

The Lord Blessed me in every way, a King that can do Anything

Haters doubt I'm truly King- though no doubt I've become the Man

I am truly NOT The Lord- tho no doubt I've become His Hands


My Soul is tellin' me

My Soul keeps tellin' me

Somethin' in my Soul is tellin' me

"You're the Man, You're the Man, You're the Man

You're my Man, You're my Man, You're my Man"

YES- I- AM!!!

I'm the man, I'm the man, I'm the man



** "I don’t know Angelica. What is it about this guy?

If he’s real I’m tellin’ ya. Gonna see me make him mine" **

** "Hello Joy, I'm Daniel. What is it that makes you smile?

Are you what I'm missing? Won't you roll with me a while?

I am "God Within". I've got everything except for you

You bring me your namesake. Just by doing how you do" **

Lovin' Joy in our Gondola, while some other cats are rowing

She gives me an Aura, gives birth to Hope that I'm bestowing

We will show the whole world, that Love is how to Live

We will make the world feel, they're Getting when they Give

Sin is still prevalent, but makes no sense like living right

Like putting on blinders, when you got 20/20 sight

Like blowing out the candles, then b*tchin' that it isn’t light

Or contradicting Radiance to stumble back into the night

Truly I'm a servant, but Jehovah is the King of Kings

And when I conquered Hades, I became the King of Things

Accosted by Satan, facing Hell, I woulda' took my life

But my Savior said "Entheos, We gon' spread my light”

Jesus lives Within, got me knowin' I'm the champion

Now this sh*t's in focus- I don't need that Ritalin


I can bring you what dreams are made of

The Light shining through me

“God Within”- Entheos

I think it’s time that you ALL see

The GLORY inside me

“God Within”- Entheos




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