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I Am Therefore I Am

Updated on December 25, 2017

A great man said,

“I am therefore I am”,

But to see what was in his eye's,

You have to understand and realise,

Is this you now or some kind of quondam,

Consciousness is a state of being,

What is in the mind is just a thought,

Beauty in the eye is what your seeing,

But in death there is only naught,

In a dream you dance between life and death,

Vivid images of impossibility that cascade,

Some arouse the heart others catch your breath,

'Tis the soul that is dismayed,

In life we touch upon the brightest days,

Our shadows stretch out in our past,

The future lays in a constant haze,

While our days count down to the last,

A sea of blackness to engulf the wakeful years,

Awaits us all in uncommunicativeness,

Faces fade like long lost tears,

The allotted time no more no less,

Our thoughts are prisoners of the flesh,

Communication is the only way out,

Images of ideas often refresh,

Unless fully understood bring doubt,

So being conscious is being alive I hear,

Information an endless stream,

The approaching blackness is what I fear,

The inception to all I dream.


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    Jamie 6 years ago

    Very nice mark,