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I Am Werewolf - Chapters 1 & 2

Updated on November 22, 2013
Werewolf ; Attack On Ashton
Werewolf ; Attack On Ashton


"Hey Ashton, we should probably go home," Jonathan said, tossing me the football. I couldn't see the ball in the dark, and it hit me on the shoulder. "Hey!" I shouted. He was right, it was getting dark out, and being alone in the park was not how I planned to spend the night. "Yeah, we should go home," I replied.

We grabbed our water bottles and started walking home. Jonathan was my best friend, and I liked hanging out with him, mostly because he always made me crack up. Jonathan had black hair, dark brown eyes, light skin, and was pretty muscled. He told me he worked out at home every day, with his dad's gym set. I saw it every time I went to his house, and it was a pretty good one. It had all kinds of weights, a bench press, and a treadmill. I sometimes worked out at home, but my stuff was nothing compared to his.

"Are we coming again tomorrow?" he asked. "Of course," I said. The football season was starting in a month, and me and Jonathan just had to join. "It better be tackle again," he said, with a smile on his face. I sighed, "Fine." We kept on tackling whoever had the ball, and he had tackled me so hard I couldn't breath.

At the end of the park there was a small 'forest'. It was a spot on the park that had so many trees, you couldn't walk ten feet without getting stuck in between them. "Remember when we dared Erick to go into forest and left him, and he didn't talk to us for a week? Man, that was funny," Jonathan said. "Yeah," I replied. "He also told his mom and got me grounded for two weeks." Jonathan just laughed.

I was about to tell him that was also where I lost twenty dollars, but I stopped when I heard rustling coming from the forest. Jonathan heard it too, and he looked at me. "What's that?" I whispered. "How should I know?" He whispered back. The rustling got louder, and I heard heavy panting. "You think it's a stray dog?" Jonathan asked me. "I don't know," I told him. "Why don't you go and ask?"

The rustling sounded really close now, and I backed up. Jonathan saw me and backed up too. Then a dog came out from the trees. "What the hell?" I heard Jonathan say. I saw what he meant. This wasn't a normal dog. This dog was easily five feet tall. It had coarse dark brown hair, grayish eyes, long claws and very sharp white teeth. Jonathan backed up even more.

The dog looked at us, and I heard a rumbling noise coming from its throat. "Hey Ash, let's go," Jonathan hissed. I took a step back. The dog looked directly at me and growled again. Something about it's eyes made me feel uncomfortable. They looked intelligent, smart, as if the dog could think and plan things out. It took a silent step towards me and sniffed the air.

"Ash, lets go!" Jonathan whispered. I couldn't move. The dog looked up at the sky. I saw what it was looking at. A full moon. It howled, and Jonathan threw his water bottle at it. It hit the dog on the shoulder, and it howled again, but this time it sounded as if it was in pain.

"Ash! Run!" Jonathan grabbed my arm and pulled me. Somehow I found my feet, and was running after Jonathan. I heard another howl, and I looked back. The dog was running after us.

"Jonathan! It's after us!" I shouted. "Well run faster!" he shouted back. I willed myself to run faster, but playing football for two hours straight had tired me out. I pushed forward. Jonathan looked back, and then at me, his eyes open wide.

Jonathan was fit, and he was way ahead of me. If only I had listened to him when he invited me to exercise with him. I didn't know how longer I could keep running, and I was getting a really bad cramp on the side of my stomach. I could hear the dog behind me, and it sounded close.

I was about to give up running when I was thrown to the ground hard, and the dog was on me. I couldn't move, and I prayed Jonathan would turn around and help me. "Hey!" I heard Jonathan shout. The dog was still on top of me, and it was sniffing my neck. It growled and opened it's mouth. I could see it's shiny white teeth, sharp, white daggers. I didn't hear Jonathan anymore.

The dog howled, and opened it's mouth again. I tried to push it off, but it was too heavy. It howled again, and bit down on my arm.

I screamed. The pain was immense, spreading up my arm to my shoulder. It bit down harder, and I felt something warm oozing out my arm. I started feeling lightheaded. The pain was too much. I was afraid if I moved, my arm would break.

Suddenly, I heard a gunshot, and Jonathan shouting "Ash! Are you okay? Get up!" I heard another gunshot.

The wolf howled and started to back away. I noticed it was bleeding heavily from it's left shoulder. The pain in my arm was unexplainable. It was moving throughout my body, moving through my veins. I was covered in blood.

"Ashton!" Jonathan ran up to me, along with his neighbor. "Are you okay kid?" I looked at a tall, skinny man. He had blue eyes behind square glasses, and curly brown hair in a mess. My arm was completely numb, and I was having trouble breathing. I felt really faint, and my vision was blurred. Strangely, there was a warmth inside of me, that put me at ease.

"Ashton, we called the police already, they're on their way," The man told me. I tried to explain that I was alright, but suddenly, all I could see was black, my entire body was numb. I passed out.


I awoke in a white room, laying in a bed, with a terrible headache. For the first few moments, I couldn't focus my eyes on anything. Then I heard my mom's voice.

"Oh my goodness! He's waking up!" I looked to my right saw her, hugging my dad. My little ten year old sister was there, too.

"Are you okay Ashton?" my mother asked. "Yeah, I think so." In fact, I didn't feel any pain at all. Aside from my headache, I felt hyper, like going outside and running around.

I saw the door at the front of the room open, and a doctor stepped in. He looked as if he was in his thirty's, with light brown eyes behind glasses and brown hair, cut short. He was wearing a white coat and had a clipboard with him.

"You're very lucky," the doctor started. "You sustained major injuries to your arm, but they look to have healed completely." I looked down at where the dog had bit me. Sure enough, it looked normal.

"The dog that bit you tore your arm pretty bad, and I was afraid I was going to have to perform surgery, maybe an amputation." The doctor looked at my arm. "How did you fix it?" I asked. "I didn't do anything," the doctor said. "When the ambulance arrived, you were unconscious, laying on the sidewalk. Your arm was bleeding heavily and it had many bites. We're still not sure what bit you, the test result stated that the saliva trace on your arm was a mix between a wolf, and human."

"What? How is that possible?" My mom asked the doctor. "Like I said, we're still not sure. We'll have to perform more tests." A speaker came on, announcing that Dr. Travis was needed in another room. "Well, I hope you're okay. I have to go." Dr. Travis turned around and started to head out of the room.

"Oh, by the way," Dr. Travis looked back at me "On the ride here, the paramedic that was with you said he saw your wound literally closing up by itself." He winked and left the room.

I looked down at my arm again. It seemed as if nothing had happened. I moved it around. It felt completely normal. But then I noticed something; a little scar, about an inch long, on my wrist. I touched it, and it tingled.

"Well, we can go home now. All your things are in that chair over there, dear," My mom said.
"Ashton, what happened?" my dad asked. "Didn't you hear? I was bit by a dog," I said. He laughed. "Well, you heard you mother, let's get you home." My dad was in his early thirties. He had black hair, which he liked to comb up. Dark eyes and a big figure made him intimidating. He was wearing a blue button-up shirt with black jeans. As an exercise junkie, he sometimes made fun of me for not being the strongest kid out there.

My mom was short. She was about 5'2. She had long brown hair and had greenish-blue eyes. Everyone says I got my eyes from her. She was wearing red lipstick, and had a red t-shirt with blue jeans.

I got up from the bed and immediately felt nauseous. "Woah," I moaned. "Honey? What is it?" My mom sounded worried. "I'm okay," I told her. It passed, and I walked over to the chair where all my stuff was. "You walk funny!" my sister laughed. "Shut up Smelly," I replied. 'Hey!" Her name was Kelly, so I called her Smelly or Smelly Kelly. I grabbed my clothes from the chair and went into the bathroom. I closed the door and took off my white hospital gown.

I suddenly smelled something ransid, like something in the bathroom was rotting. I looked around and saw nothing. I turned to the toilet. It was a normal, white toilet, but for some reason I knew the smell was coming from there. I held my breath and quickly changed into my jeans and my t-shirt. I put on my shoes and ran out of the bathroom.

"Well, alright, let's go home," my mom said. We walked out to the check out desk, and while my mom was talking to the receptionist, my sister started asking a bunch of questions.

"Was the dog big?" she asked. "Yeah," I replied, looking at the scar on my arm. "How did it bite you?" "With it's mouth," I said, rolling my eyes. "Did it hurt?" "No, it felt good," I said sarcastically. The waiting room was filled with people moaning and crying babies.

"Eww!" I could smell the babies diapers from across the hall. I covered my nose and saw Kelly staring at me, a funny look on her face. "What?" she asked, looking around. "Don't you smell that?" I told her. "Smell what?" I shook my head.

"Well, let's take you home!" my mom said cheerily. My dad slapped my back, and I stumbled forward. "So how'd you do it son?" he asked. "Do what?" He looked at me. "Stop the dog. You had to do something to stop it from biting you, didn't you?" I remembered the doctor saying they had no idea what bit me. "Nothing," I said. "It actually bit me." The sliding doors at the exit slid open. The fresh air smelled great. "Well, Dr. Travis said you had no bite marks." I looked at the scar on my right arm. "Uh, yeah. I probably punched it or something." "That's my boy!" he laughed. I really did not want to answer all my dad's question right now.

We got into our van, and Kelly jumped onto the seat. I got inside and insantly smelled potato chips. "You brought food, mom?" I asked. She threw me a bag of chips from the front seat. "Eat up," she said. I tore open the bag and shoved five chips into my mouth. I was starving. 'You fatty!" my sister shouted. "Shut up Smelly," I said with a full mouth. My dad drove out the parking lot and turned on the GPS system in our van. "You want some burgers, guys?" he asked us. "Yeah!" me and Kelly shouted. I had already finished my bag of potato chips, and I was still hungry. My dad laughed, "Alright, you dorks," We made a stop at our favorite burger place, BurgerPalace.

"So what do you want?" Dad asked us, as he drove into the drive-thru. "I want a Kid's Meal!" Kelly shouted. "How about you Ashton?" I was really hungry, but I didn't want to make my dad spend too much money, considering I had just gotten out of the hospital. "A double cheeseburger with fries." "Alright," he said. He ordered our food and went to the next window to pay. The moment the cashier opened the window to give us the burgers, I instantly heard 20 conversations at once. "So what are you doing tomorrow?" "Did you see when that kid tried flirting with me? What a loser!" "Yeah, that movie was pretty bad."

"Huh?" My mom looked back at me, handing me the burgers. "What's wrong?" she asked, with a worried look on her face. "Nothing, just felt weird for a second." How was I able to hear everyone talking?

My dad drove away from BurgerPalace, heading home. I grabbed my burger and started eating right away. "Boy are you hungry," Dad laughed. I just nodded and kept eating. Kelly just gave me a look and gazed out the window."

I finished my burger and reached over for my fries. "You sure you don't want to wait until we get home to finish those? You might get a stomachache," Mom told me. "I'm really hungry," I told her. I gobbled up my fries and settled back in my seat. I looked out the window as we stopped at a red light and saw a couple fighting. The girl was crying and pushing the guy away, so I stared at them.

"No! I saw you with her you jerk! Get away from me!" the girl screamed. "Megan, it's not what you think! She was asking for the time!" the guy told her, pulling her back as she tried to walk away. "Oh, the time, huh? Is that why she gave you a kiss?" The light turned green and my dad drove off. This super hearing I had maybe wouldn't be so bad after all. I looked at my arm. The little scar was still there. It reminded me of a lightning bolt.

My dad drove into our driveway and shut the engine. "Well, we're home!" I jumped out the car and stretched, it felt good to be home. My mom opened the house door and I ran upstairs, to my room. Our house had two floors. A kitchen, a living room, one bedroom and a bathroom downstairs. Climbing the stairs, which were to the right of entrance, led to my room, Kelly's room and another bathroom.

I opened my bedroom door and jumped on my bed. My room smelled like old pizza and rotten food. I grabbed my cologne and sprayed it everywhere. That only made it worse. I started coughing. I ran to my window and opened it all the way. I stuck my head outside and took a deep breath.

It smelled great outside, fresh grass, flowers. I left my window open and grabbed my phone. About twenty new text messages, all from my friends from school. They all said the same thing, "Are you okay?" "What happened?" "What bit you?" Jonathan had already spread the word at school. It didn't surprise me.

Then I saw one text. It was from Alice Reynolds, my crush. It read, "Ash, are you okay? Hope you feel better, text me if you need anything!" Alice, texted me? Me? She was one of the most popular girls at school. She was head cheerleader, and had all the football jocks head over heels for her. I don't blame them, she's gorgeous. She has light brown hair, light green eyes, and she's really fit. Her voice was soft, and she was a little tan, but not much. Perfection, that's what she was.

My heart started racing. No way Alice Reynolds had texted an unpopular loser who went to the hospital for getting bit by a dog. I immediately texted Jonathan the great news. Suddenly, my arm was filled with pain. It started out and a little sting, but then, a fire sensation spread up to my shoulder.

"Ah!" I dropped my phone and grabbed my arm. It felt hot. "Ow!" It felt as if my skin was tearing apart. I ran to the bathroom and turned on the faucet. I ran the cold water over my arm, and the pain slowly went away.

I turned off the faucet and wiped my arm on a towel. I looked at my scar. It was a light red. I touched it, and it tingled. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and I stepped out of the bathroom. It was my mom. "Oh, Ashton, I was coming up to tell you to go to bed. You have school tomorrow, remember?" "Can I stay home mom? I mean, what if my arm starts hurting?" My mom laughed, "Ashton, the doctor said it should be fine. Now go to bed." She walked downstairs and went to her bedroom. "Guess I have school tomorrow," I said aloud.

I brushed my teeth and went to my room. I took off my clothes and jumped into bed, in just my underwear. I thought about what had happened to me. I got bit by a huge dog, went to a hospital, and got a permanent scar. Then, I could hear things that I shouldn't be able to hear, my sense of smell was ten times better. Pretty weird. I looked at my digital clock, 9:00 P.M. I closed my eyes, and the last thought that crossed my mind before I fell asleep was one simple word.



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