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I Am Werewolf - Chapters 3 & 4

Updated on November 30, 2013
Werewolf : Transformed During Full Moon
Werewolf : Transformed During Full Moon

Chapter 3

"Ashton? Wake up, time for school," My mom said, poking her head into my room. I moaned and rubbed my eyes. My whole body felt sore, and I did not feel like getting up.

"Get up, you're going to be late for school." I grunted, throwing the blanket over my head. "Don't make me come in there," My mom told me.. "I'm up, I'm up," I answered, throwing the blankets off my bed.

"There's pancakes on the table downstairs. I have to get to work early today." She was giving me this look, as if she didn't believe I would actually go to school. I smiled. "Don't worry Mom," I told her. She smiled back. "Alright, see you when I get back from work."

She walked downstairs. I didn't get up until I heard her car drive away. Grabbing my towel, I checked my phone before I headed into the shower. A text from Jonathan was the first thing I saw.

I'll be at your house in twenty. Gotta talk to you! It read. I quickly texted him back and got in in the shower. The cool water felt refreshing

I stepped out of the shower, and as I reached for my towel, I noticed my scar. By now, I was certain it was permanent, but I didn't know it could change colors. It was a deep blue, the color of the ocean. I rubbed my finger across it, and it felt cool, cold almost. After a few seconds, it slowly faded from blue to normal.

I put the thought of it away and brushed my teeth. Drying my wet hair, I walked into my room and picked out my clothes; A red button up shirt, black jeans and my favorite pair of shoes, black sneakers with white laces.

Combing my hair, I left my room and headed downstairs. Something smelled delicious, a sweet, rich smell. Sitting on the kitchen table, were chocolate chip pancakes, my favorite.

I gobbled down 3 and heard a knock at the front door. It was Jonathan, I somehow knew. I opened the door.

"Hey," he said, softly punching me on the shoulder. "How are you feeling?" I let him and pointed to the pancakes, which he gratefully took. "I feel fine. Normal, actually," I replied, sliding my backpack over my shoulder.

"You sure?" He asked, with a full mouth. "Yeah, why?" "I mean, a five foot tall dog ate your arm. I don't think I'd feel normal after that." "Well, I do have a scar," I said, lifting up my sleeve.

He noticed the scar by my wrist, and stared at it for a second. "That's it?" he laughed. "What?" I said, feeling like I was being made fun of. "Nothing, I just thought it would look a lot worse. It was a pretty big dog," he reminded me. "About that, some weird things have been happening," I told him.

We walked out of my house and headed towards school. "What do you mean? Did it have rabies or something?" Jonathan asked, as we walked down my driveway. "No, nothing like that," I answered. "I can do things that I couldn't do before."

He gave me this weird look. "Like?" he said. "Like, I can hear stuff that I shouldn't be able to hear. I can smell things from far away, and I think I can see better too," I told him. "Are you sure it isn't your mind playing tricks on you? That dog did bite you pretty hard." "I'm sure. Oh, and the doctor at the hospital I was at told me it wasn't a dog that bit me." Jonathan eyed me suspiciously. "He said they weren't sure, but that the saliva trace was a mix between wolf, and human."

Jonathan thought about it for a second, then burst out laughing. "You can't be serious," he started. There's no way that thing was possibly human."

"I'm not sure what it was," I replied. "When I looked at it, it's eyes were, different. Jonathan laughed again. "Okay, you've seriously lost it. Are you sure you're okay?" I pushed him, jokingly.

We arrived at school and walked into the hallways. The cream-colored walls were lined with blue lockers. I started to walk over to mine, when Jonathan elbowed my ribs. I looked at him, about to tell him off for doing that, when he pointed at someone. "Look!" He whispered.

I turned to look at who he had pointed at, when my heart stopped. It was Alice. She was walking over to me, looking as beautiful as ever. Her almond-colored hair flowed behind her. She was wearing a brown leather jacket over black jeans, and she looked stunning.

"Well, I'll be going," Jonathan whispered. He headed over to class, leaving me standing there like a total idiot.

"Hey," she said, giving me her amazing smile. I melted. "Hi," I answered, smiling back. Her eyes sparkled in the florescent light. "How are you?" She asked. Her soft voice felt like music to my ears. "I feel fine, just tired," I told her, grabbing my arm. She noticed. "Does it hurt?" "No. It left this though." I showed her my scar, which was now a soft shade of pink.

Alice looked at it. "Cool, I like scars," she said, with a wink. I would've passed out, but the bell rang, announcing to students that class was starting. "Better get to class," Alice told me, giving me a tight hug. She smelled like strawberries.

"Bye," I said, as she let go. She smiled, and I turned around and headed to class.

"Ashton?" I turned around. Alice was looking at me. "Yeah?" I walked back over to her. She had her hands behind her back, and it looked as if she was blushing. "Do you want to hang out after school today?" She asked. This time I was sure I would pass out. "Yeah! Sure, I'll see you later," I replied, not wanting to miss my chance. Alice smiled. "Okay," she said, turning around and walking to class.

I stood there, dumbfounded. Had Alice Reynolds really asked me to hang out with her?

"Ashton! What are you doing out there! Get in here!" I whirled around. Mr. Witter was standing outside the doorway to class, hands on his waist. "Oh, sorry," I told, hurrying into the classroom. "I almost marked you absent for the day," Mr. Witter said aloud. The whole class laughed. I took my seat next to Jonathan and gave him the thumbs up. He smiled and leaned closer.

"So? What happened?" he asked. "Let's just say I have a date after school," I told him with a smile. "No way! You asked her out?" He almost fell out of his chair. "No, she did!" I whispered. "Really?" he asked. "Yes sir," I told him, still smiling. He sat back in his chair. "Who would've known," he said to himself.

We started taking notes.

Chapter 4

The bell rang, ending class. Everyone swarmed out into the school hallways, I could hear everyone's conversations, people making plans, what movie they liked, that one jerk that cheated on ten different girls.

"Did you hear about the new teacher in school?" Jonathan asked, as we made our way to our next class. "What new teacher?" I replied, no idea what he was talking about. "Ms. Hope got fired for failing everyone remember? So they hired a new history teacher." "Well, I still hate history," I told him, saying hi to a few friends along the way. "Who knows? Maybe this new guy will make it interesting," Jonathan said, winking at a group of girls in the hall. I laughed and waved at them.

"I don't see history getting interesting for me," I replied, walking into our classroom. Some kids had already chosen their seats. "Let's sit in the back!" Jonathan pulled me to the seats at the far end of the classroom.

We took our seats and looked around. All the posters had been taken down and the walls were a faded gray. The whiteboard at the front of the class was glossy, completely clean. I hated neat teachers, they were always strict.

The tardy bell rang and everyone ran into class. I saw a lot of kids that I knew take seats, but then I saw Alice.

"Ash! Look!" Jonathan pointed at Alice. "I know!" I whispered. Alice saw me and waved hi. I smiled and waved back. Her friends came in and they all took seats at the front. Jonathan stifled a laugh. "Are you sure she likes you? She just sat over there," he joked. "She probably thought the chair next to me was taken," I told him. "Sure," Jonathan laughed. I punched him on the shoulder.

Suddenly, the new teacher walked in and closed the door behind him. Everyone immediately went quiet. He was tall, about 6', and had glossy black hair, combed up. His skin was a pale white; his lips a dark red. He was wearing a long black trench coat. But the first thing I noticed about him were his eyes. They were sharp, intelligent, and gray. I knew I had seen those eyes before, but I couldn't remember when.

"Good afternoon class. As you may know, I'm your new history teacher." His voice was soft and smooth, almost velvety. "Now, I may seem boring at first, but I assure you, by the end of the year, this will be your favorite class." He chuckled. "I'll take roll before we go on, so just sit tight." He looked at us and smiled.

He went over to his desk and sat down. As he waited for the computer to boot up, I leaned over to Jonathan. "I swear I know him." "The new teacher?" He asked, looking surprised. "Yeah, I feel like I've seen him before. I just don't know where." Jonathan looked up at the teacher. "He doesn't look familiar to me."

"Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Theddeus," the new teacher smiled. Jonathan snickered. "Theddeus?" I smiled, and shook my head. Mr. Theddeus started to take roll, and my classmates all answered "Here!" "Ashton Vaper." "Here," I answered.

Mr. Theddeus stopped and looked up from his computer. No one seemed to notice except me. He looked straight into my eyes. I couldn't look away, something about his eyes drew me in. Then it hit me; memories started flooding back; the park with Jonathan, the rustling, the big wolf, it's gray eyes, the bite.

At last Mr. Theddeus looked away. He kept calling roll and went on as if nothing had happened. Jonathan was talking to the girl sitting next to him, but I was speechless. There was no possible way Mr. Theddeus was the dog that bit me. How could a person turn into a wolf and go around biting people? Or maybe he wasn't just biting innocent people, maybe he was eating.

"Jonathan!" Jonathan turned around. "What?" He said, clearly upset that I had interrupted his talk with the girl sitting next to him. "I know where I saw Mr. Theddeus," I told him, looking at my scar. Jonathan looked at the girl he was talking to and told her he would call her later.

"Where?" he asked, looking back at me. "Remember the day at the park, when I got bit by that big wolf?" Jonathan thought for a second, then his eyes widened. "No." "Yes," I said. "He's the wolf." "That's impossible!" Jonathan whispered. "How can someone turn into a wolf?" "What if he wasn't one?" I told him. "Then what was he?" I looked at him. "A werewolf."

Jonathan looked at me for a second, then broke out laughing. "Are you serious? A werewolf?" He wiped tears from his eyes. "Yes! A werewolf! His eyes are the same as the wolf's, and when he called my name for roll, he stared at me." "So? That doesn't mean Mr. Theddeus can turn into a wolf every full moon and go around eating people." Jonathan snickered. "Well, it was a full moon that night," I reminded him.

"May I know what you two are discussing so quietly back here?" Mr. Theddeus said from behind me. I jumped; he had appeared out of nowhere.

He looked even taller even up close. "Uh, just some, um, homework," Jonathan stuttered, pulling out a paper from his backpack. "I see. Well, class is now in session, so may I ask you two save the discussion for later," Mr. Theddeus smiled. "Sure, no problem," Jonathan said.

"Thank you," Mr. Theddeus looked at me and smiled. He turned to walk back over to his desk, and I caught his scent. It smelled like some expensive cologne, but there was also the faint trace of wild, like trees, or grass.

Jonathan looked at me. "What?" he asked, looking interested. I stared at him. "Mr. Theddeus is a werewolf." I said. Jonathan just stared at me. "You can't be serious," he had a strange look on his face. "I smelled him, he's not normal," I told him.

"Ashton? Would you do me a favor and sit up here, please?" Mr. Theddeus said, with the same smile on his face. He pointed to the seat behind Alice. Jonathan gave me a wink. "Sure," I said, gathering my notebook and walking over to the seat. Mr. Theddeus stared at me intently. I took my seat and Alice looked back at me. She smiled.

The rest of the class went by in a blur. Mr. Theddeus would stare at me from time to time, but he seemed like a regular teacher. At last, the bell rang, and everyone ran out, heading out to lunch.

"Hey, I'll wait outside," Jonathan told me, as I put my books into my backpack. He headed out, and I closed my backpack.

"So you're Ashton," Mr. Theddeus said, walking over to my desk. I put on my backpack and looked at him. "Yeah, that's me," I answered. He came close and sniffed. "How are you?" He asked, smiling. "I'm well." "May I look at your arm, if you don't mind?" He asked. I knew what he was looking for.

"Sure," I said, holding out my arm. He grabbed it, and inspected it for a moment, then noticed my scar. He looked at it for a second, and then at me. "Where'd you get this?" "Dog bit me," I said, looking at him. "Dog? Looks more like... wolf," he said, letting go. I laughed. "Well, it was pretty dark that night, could have been anything." Mr. Theddeus looked into my eyes. "Listen. The full moon is in four days. If you need any help, I'll be at the park. I gave you this, now I have teach you." He had a serious expression on his face. "Um, thanks," I said, not knowing what else to say. What did he give me?

Jonathan was still waiting outside. "What took you so long?" He asked, as we were walking down the hall to lunch. "He said that if I needed help, that he would be at the park in four days. And that he gave me something, so he needed to teach me." "Gave you something? Teach you? What is he talking about?" Jonathan looked stumped. "I don't know," I answered, thinking.

It came to me. I stopped, and Jonathan looked at me. "What?" Jonathan asked.

I looked at him.

"He gave me the bite."


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