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I Can't Believe My Eyes

Updated on February 3, 2017

My First Glimpse of Christian


You have to admit, it was a pretty good deal. I had this big four bedroom house all too myself. If you didn't count the old man, and his crazy silent son who never came out of his room. There was an add in the paper for room for rent for 200.00 a month. It was in the middle of Lancaster Pennsylvania on 33 acres of land. It had been a big blustering farm in its day and now it just sat there wasted. No body worked the land. The old man was a retired doctor. He told me he was an orthopedic doctor. His name was Marvin Baxter. He had been a doctor with a home business that he ran right out the house I was living in. He told me that he would only be there 3 months out of the year, that in the colder months he went to Florida. He was overdue to leave, he had wanted to get this house rented out first.

This house had its old world charm. It had four bedrooms, one which still had the look of an office set aside for patients. It got to the point in the morning that I would wake up and go into the kitchen and Marvin would be there reading the paper. My fiancé had already gone to work so I didn't mind the company at all. I was miles away from anything and it was sort like a scene from "The Shining".

With that being said, I would get up and go into the kitchen and talk with Marvin. He got real comfortable with me being there and we would drink coffee, eat breakfast and then play cards. He taught me how to play Gin Rummy. He said I could even get more off of my rent if I cleaned the house for him while he was there. So I agreed. I started with the bathroom and worked my way from one end of the house to the other. Things were fine until about a week later when I was in the kitchen talking with Marvin. He knew I was pregnant and he knew I didn't have a car during the day to go anywhere. In order to get the mail I had to jump onto the tractor and drive it down the long driveway to the road and get off and cross the street and get the mail out of the mailbox.

On that that property there was another house by the edge of the road, it was the main farm house that was being turned into four separate apartments. Now eventually we were supposed to be moving into one of those once they were done so I would have a place for my baby and me and it could be more private.

I didn't expect the series of events to actually take place but they did. I started sleeping a little more and when would finally get up Marvin would be in the kitchen. He started getting a little weird with me. He started getting controlling with me. He would be upset that I was getting up later and he told me. He was sitting on the chair bending down tying his shoe and he asked me if I would give him a bath. I said why would I do that? He told me because he couldn't reach his feet. (while he is tying his shoe) come on now!!

Meanwhile my stomach was getting bigger and I was feeling sick all the time. One morning I woke up and couldn't keep anything on my stomach. I was sitting there watching television and all of a sudden out of no where my stomach started churning. I knew I was gonna throw up. I tried to run to the bathroom but I wasn't making it, I collapsed on the floor and I threw up and diarrhea came out the back end all at the same time!! I finally got to the toilet but the puking wouldn't stop and neither would the other thing. I was so pale and weak. Marvin just sat there and didn't even look concerned. I was there by myself with him. Finally, I was so weak but I got into the shower to clean myself. I let the warm water run down my head onto the rest of me. I still felt sick, but it was less now. I couldn't even keep water down. I just went into my bed and turned on my side facing the sliding glass doors.

A blizzard started 3am and by now at 12pm it was snow covered land, house and stream. My fiancé had gone to work and with this snow I knew he wasn't coming home today. As I laid there, I could see the land in front of me. I was drowsy with exhaustion just staring out my sliding glass doors. That's when I saw him. "Hey no one is supposed to be here", what's he doing out here anyway?" That's when he stopped and turned to look at me. I thought I was dreaming or having a nightmare. It wasn't like anyone I ever seen before. His profile was very handsome. He had brown hair. He turned to look at me and I screamed!!! Half his head had a gun shot wound and looked like it spattered the left side of his face. Within that moment, he looked at me with the most piercing blue eyes, pleading with me. Then he was gone. Just like that.

This is Fiction

This is an attempt at a story and it is fiction. Please feel free to tell me what needs to be corrected and what can be changed.


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