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I Choose You

Updated on May 6, 2017

We joined the adventures of ash from pallet town

Amazed by his unique techniques to get the crown

In his journey to become the pokemon master

We will continue his journey in summer or winter

Mesmerized by his Pikachu’s speed

Defend against Team Rocket’s greed

They want to impress Giovanni

So they need Ash’s pokemon badly

We watch him battle every gym leader

Trained to make his pokemon stronger

Catch pokemon to make new friend

His journey never seem to end

Collect gym badges to battle the league

Every people that saw his battle style is intrigue

Phrase his pokemon even in his defeat

Go to different region in order to be great


Not scared to learn something new

Faced even the incredible mew

Say goodbye to some pokemon he raised

Still friends even in different place

Have many rivals whom he defeated

Battle them using different battle styles he created

Didn’t surrendered even he have been defeated

To have a journey with his pokemon is what he wanted

In his adventures, he meet a lot of people

Friends that help him overcome the wall

The wall that hinders him to achieve his goal

Doing the best he can to fulfill his role

In facing the elite four he is not scared

With his pokemon raised with love and care

Facing a legendary doesn’t also matter

Nothing can ever make him waver

He may not be each region’s champion

But he helps his pokemon’s abilities to blossom

Overcome adversities in his way

Challenge different trainers everyday


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