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I Could Really Use A Light

Updated on October 17, 2009


I could sure use a light.


Summer is like a cigarette,
we crave it for so long,
until it lights up our face
with a flare of heat,
Then we inhale its sweet nectars,
as it soothes our stress.
Its solar tip, bright orange
is like a sunrise in July.

It burns away slowly at first
its memories become smoke
dissipating as each day passes,
we live for it's rush,
and we all share the remorse
when August drags to a close.

We toss its remnants
amidst the embers of September,
bright orange and red
they lay scattered
at our feet, and then we move on,
to the cold turkey known as
fall and winter,
hoping someone will perhaps spring
for a pack come what May.


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