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I Could See Why

Updated on April 18, 2016

My Journey isn't Over, And I Could See Why

I sat down at the bottom of the stairs that don't lead anywhere
I fell into an unrecognized trance of reaching the smokey peaks
I stood up to gaze my dark, barren surroundings, again, in vain
All I could chalk up were dark dusts that circled in harmony
And I didn't know why...

I turned my head backwards, my neck cracked a little
I saw the same unscrupulous bits of dust flying around
I closed my eyes and meditated for a second in chaos
And I fell into a deeper hole of meaningless trance
And I couldn't see why...

I stood up with grit and tried my cemented limbs
The cement cracked and I crawled a few paces
A few paces away from those unholy stairs
I saw myself a little in what seemed like an eternity
And I was starting to see why...

My vision's still blurry but I was starting to see
My limbs that moved only by the wrong organ now feels an icy bend
It's cold, it's stoney, but it's the resolve necessitated
My destiny is broken, but my journey isn't over
And I could see why...


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