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I Give My All

Updated on February 10, 2013

Long has the night been since when first we met,

A night that fills my memories with such grace

When I decided deep within my heart

To give my all to You in sweet embrace.

So much was said; it seemed that time stood still

As I bowed down to You and gave my all

Yet deep was calling unto greater depths,

Speaking softly of my destiny and call.

You asked so little of me way back then

I felt perhaps this love would merely die

But you kept beckoning with gentle words

And promised that this love would reach the sky.

My memory recalls Your gentle eyes

So tender, yet a fire burned within

The flames were reaching out and searing me

They seemed to purify me from dark sin.

Upon Your lips my name was pure joy

I felt You’d known me before this day

It seemed Your words were buried in my heart

‘With fear and wonder made’ was all they’d say.

Your hand stretched out to close around my own

And there I saw a sight that pained my soul

For there upon Your palms were scars so deep

It took me all my strength to keep control

You said to me, ‘They serve as a reminder,

So please don’t cry or ever pity Me,

They are what I did for you to buy your love

The nail wounds I bore on Calvary.

You held me close and drew me to Your side

And there I felt a deep and gaping hole

You said that that was where Your blood poured out

Salvation for all nations and their souls.

You showed me in that night Your love was true

And all You asked for in return was me

I wanted oh so much to give my all

But found the words were really quite empty.

So even though You entered in my heart

And lived with me from that night to this day

It was a long, long time before I knew

That this was not a game of childish play.

You searched for me when I had run from You

Your voice called out from in my broken heart

I couldn’t see how You could want me back

For I had surely torn Your love apart.

But you kept on pursuing me back then

And closed the gates of satan’s dark domain

You showed me once again the suffering

The blood upon Your hands, it still remained.

So there upon the ground, I bowed my knee

And cried out in despair for what I’d done

From up above the Heavens opened wide

And thundered out aloud, ‘Behold, My Son’.

I turned that day and fell into Your arms

And knew of Love’s forgiveness from that hold

You hushed my cry and took my spirit back

Welcomed me home into Your families fold.

So here today I stand and testify

Of Grace and Mercy that You gave to me

But more than this I’ve given You all my all

And in return You’ve truly set me free.

Sweet Jesus, I don’t have any silver or gold

In truth I do not have that much at all

But willingly I give You all I am

And promise to be ready when You call.

©J.M.Smith 1996


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