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I Have Touched The World -- The Traveling Poem

Updated on September 23, 2012

Traveling has been a hobby for Lord, besides work and freelancing. We have witnessed history in vivid moments that at times were about to take our lives. But we knew life is one and we took our trips with pride. This piece of inspiration came as an answer to our own call. A call to show our friends why Lord is the way he is.

We have been lucky to find HubPages and make a home of it. So many were there for Lord to send messages of appreciation and quick editing when they knew it was needed. Now this is a piece that shows the world as we saw it. Been lucky enough to travel as you can tell. Now I share these words that are not written anywhere else.


I have touched the world literally

have traveled abroad and seen it all

more than anything I have seen

a beautiful creation

I have been around and traveled for fun

seen the poor and seen the rich

have talked to both and some are unique

have been busy and heard of unheard clans

Argentina was special, lots of beef and chicks

with curbs you wouldn't believe

Buenos Aires was there with tango and its flare

Santa Fe was in my heart

but Marina broke it apart

Macchu Picchu was higher that heavens

the ruins were there to show its wonders

Peru has its food, oh lord appetizers galore

conquistadors fell in love and stayed

for the gold and more

Colombia had its women

dancing with innate rhythm

to a salsa and moves so unforgiven

that kept us hostage to an incoming

attack that was so deceiving

Bogota kept some of our feelings

and promised to come back for those

mirrors on the ceilings

Mexico was abruptly crowded

with people of all backgrounds

zetas hiding underground

and the rest waiting for a blow

unexpectedly showing its might and

message to the unknown

but don't get me wrong

innocent people were caught between

crossing fires and unexpectedly gone

I have touched the world as you see

speaking Spanish like any of them

I have felt their needs adventures

and passions from within

I have seen them cry

like any of us, in deep despair

when rain brought down their

houses like a tornado which leaves nothing behind

I have seen them smile

when they knew there was tomorrow

to harvest their hopes and carry home

a piece of bread to their own child

I have been lucky enough to see them dream

succeed and shake my hands when it was time to fly

I have witnessed their lives coming together

like a torrent of love that has no explanation whatsoever

I have seen them from the sky as my plane took a flight

they were there for me and here as I write

humankind like any famous person on TV

no money but a crop to share with you and me

I have been there and felt better afterwards

I'm not the only one crazy

chasing dreams going down the hills

holding a kite and letting our dreams take flight

I have touched the world and that made up

for the losses down Wall st.

Hong Kong and Singapore

I have touched the world

because deep inside

I think I was an angel before....


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  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Good point Femme! Same problems with the signs in China. You have to drive actually sitting yourself on the passenger side. We are glad we drive at our own pace and delaing with our own cops. Food can be spicy and sometimes you see the chicken or pork..still alive behind the scenes. But all is fresh and with no preservatives. Tahanks Femmeflashpoint!


  • profile image

    femmeflashpoint 6 years ago

    de Cross,

    Different friends but same story, when I lived across the pond. I was never allowed to go off on my own, I always had to be escorted. However, I'm not really complaining about it and appreciated my friends protectiveness, however their concern wasn't that I might make a good target. It was more regarding directions and traffic flow. I never COULD get the hang of English traffic's left being right and nearly got creamed trying to cross the street so many times I've lost count. Once I made it all the way to the middle of a three way intersection, thought I could make it the rest of the way across when suddenly brakes were squealing all around me and one poor guy's bumper ended up rocking to a stop about 3 inches from my knee. The driver looked like he might have a heart attack, and I felt like I might have one with him.

    I was SO GLAD I wasn't wearing an "I'm from the USA" tee shirt that day.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Wow! Femme you got me laughing hard all the time! Your sense of humor is a match for me. Quick tip for you:

    -Would be better if youknow where you are heading, a Hotel, a family with a well known background, and

    If needed, a handy dictionary. Another thing, Water quality might get a hold of your own system, and Would be better to hang on to your own spring water. Hopefully, your trip would be fine. Take care Femme!


  • profile image

    femmeflashpoint 6 years ago

    de Cross,

    I do believe this is one of my favorites of your work here on our Hub. :)

    I've been around, but never "south" of the US border. I had a few opportunities, but was declined the visit by friends who worried I might make a good target. I thought the whole issue was ridiculous but since they live on the border, I decided they probably are a bit more well informed than me.

    Soooooo close!

    Maybe someday I'll make my way across the Rio, sip Tequila and run my fingers over some of the architecture I've always found so fascinating in pictures.

    I enjoyed "the trip"! Thank you for serving as tour guide!

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Hello red! Thanks Ann Marie,

    this piece just came out from the prose was not edited. Could've been in Rio, but took longer and they speak portuguese, which is not to hard to learn...actually might travel to Sao Paolo one day... Thanks again Red.


  • Ann Marie Dwyer profile image

    Ann Marie Dwyer 6 years ago from South Carolina, USA

    A lovely tour, Lord. Thank you for taking us along. Red.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Oh, thanks so much!, Linda,

    This piece was done in the minutes that our mind dictated the process of reckoning plus inspiration. There nothing magical in it. Is a gift maybe? I'm not the one to qualify myself, but we are here to let out our feelings and thoughts, what better than Hubpages right?

    Thanks again!


  • Linda J Sanders profile image

    Linda J Sanders 6 years ago

    This was a beautiful story. Very vivid and colorful. I only wish I could visit a fraction of these places. you are truly blessed lord de cross. It's no wonder that you have such powerful insight!

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Landing in Manila...the temperature is scorching. Tropical Moosons are the talk of the day. A friend from Quezon city comes to pick me up. She tells me something in this language called 'tagalog' and excuses herself turning into English. What I see is this bowing of hers, why giggles all the time trying to occult that natural shyness? The taxi driver looks like this guy from the movies from Van Damme in Bankgok. I'm impressed by the early workers that go to work. I ask this young lady at a Bus stop in Cebu city, in Negros Oriental, for directions and then she start talking in Cebuano. All I can answer is: "Maka dyos, Maka-tao..". I ask her how much does she make an hour, and she answers depending of the area, but barely she is making 1.25 dollars an hour. I said, geez! and here in America we cry for the minimum waste. Her answer is, "money is not everything amigo, family comes first for us."

  • raciniwa profile image

    raciniwa 6 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

    oh, you're really an angel Lord...but i'm wondering when will you visit the Philippines...and see what's happening here...

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Thanks for the bottom of my heart Mary. The world is closing in to its 7 billion person. All the humanity can be shortened to three words: Hope, work and the most important: Love. We all are equal in needs and perceptions of life. The language might change but, we all cry, and laugh, and dance to our own music. That's actually what bring us together. Thanks for your honest comment and glad you enjoyed it too!


  • mary615 profile image

    Mary Hyatt 6 years ago from Florida

    I am honored to be the first Hubber to comment on this one. I can only say it is a beautiful piece. Very visual. I can just see the people you speak of in their native lands, and feel what they felt. You are so fortunate to have traveled to different countries and observed the people who live there. I am an arm chair traveler! You have touched the world with your beautiful words. Keep writing! Your friend, Mary