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I Hope I Could See You

Updated on June 8, 2015

Today I'm sharing a poem we made with my dear friend. It was a couple of months when her mom died and she decided to stay at our place for a couple of days. We seldom see each other since we are living far from each other and we've been busy with our careers. Hopefully you will like it.

I hope I could see you
As easy as I gaze at stars
They shine and glow at night
Make the sky bright

But you were not around
No, you're so far away
I wish you could be here
At this moment with me

Heavens may grant me
A call that would be answered
Your voice I want to hear
Your face I long to see

Why does it feels hard to reach you
Every time I needed to
Why do I think always about you
I wonder if you think of me too

But whenever you may be
I wish you always remember
I'm here always and forever
Missing you and loving you better.

Where you able to relate to the poem?

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