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I Know I Should

Updated on November 2, 2015

I Know I Should

I know I should be angry about what you did
I've got a laundry list of reasons why
And I know the tears you've cried
We all make mistakes
From decisions and the risks we take
For no reason
Or for every reason
Every path we rake
Is a test we can't forsake
I don't regret that I kept trying
To show you my heart
When I knew all too well that I shouldn't
I know you have regrets, my darling
But I really wish you wouldn't
Normally I would get mad
Throw things
But because it's you
I have no desire to
I'm hurt
But you see
What you have done
Has shown me
That I now love you even more
Than I even did before
I know I should trash you
Put you down
Hate you forever
Walk away
And never look back
I know I should
There's no way I ever could
I've taken my time with you
It's been worth every moment
Because you are
I have become a new woman
Because you are a man
Who has helped me realize
Mistakes I have made
When I was away from you
For way too long, my love
Misunderstanding me
Was your way of showing me your fear
By shedding every tear
It became perfectly clear
You weren't afraid to keep me
Just afraid to lose me
Determined to show you my heart
And the forbidden fire in my soul
I'll lead you to road you need to go
I've ached for you
Took your hand when you didn't think I would
To tell you
That I've always understood


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