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Now, I Love Fly-swatters

Updated on July 5, 2019
N.E. Wright profile image

N.E. Wright grew up watching her mother swatting flies with her hands, news papers, or any footwear. While having sticky paper hanging up,

Swatting Flies.

A Very Interesting Looking Fly Swatter.
A Very Interesting Looking Fly Swatter.

Ridding Home Of Flies


There was a question about getting rid of flies, and I thought, Hey, I know how to do that. Fly swatters. So, I thought I would tell this story.

Years ago, the fall of 1996, I moved into my two bedroom apartment in the Bronx.

When my baby brother and I walked into the foul smelling lobby nothing about the building was appealing. Urine on the rust colored ceramic floors, drug users walking up and down the four story apartment building, because the elevator did not ... work. My brother turned to me and asked, "You sure you want to live here?"


"Okay." He did not look comfortable, as we continued to the third floor to wait for the super.

Hey, I was temporarily living back with my parents .... I was 34 years old, newly disabled, and I was called for an apartment. I was not going to be choosy.


The apartment I was going to move into was a little more appealing. I loved it accept for the pigeons flying in and out of the opened window inside the room which is now my son's bedroom. Also, the place was really dirty, and the old tenant left a medical bed inside what was to be my bedroom. That kind of freaked me. Remember, I was disabled, and I did not want to see what could be my possible future. Still, I did not remember seeing any flies.

Soon after moving into my apartment, in November of 1996, I started seeing flies. That just did not make sense to me. Flies in cold weather? I thought, ‘Really?’

Well, there were some big flies and some small ones, and I was not a happy camper with any of them. All I kept thinking was, ‘flies on my food? I don't think so.’


Days later, while at my local supermarket, I ran across a roll of flypaper. I bought several.

Once home I placed a few of them on the ceiling in four of my five room apartment. Plus my hallway areas. Not in my kitchen though. Nasty.

The Fly Paper was sticky. The brown wax kind of stuck to my fingers, and made it sticky. I hated it. Still, I thought, ’No more flies on my food.’

That same day I would notice flies were stuck to the waxed paper. First in my bedroom, then in the bathroom, soon in my hallway, and definitely in my living area. As days went by I became fascinated. I would cry to myself, ‘No more flying around.’


Days later there were several flies sticking to the Fly Paper in my hallway. It was closer to my front door. I once saw a fly walking under my door. ‘Oh, you dead fly’, I thought to myself. ‘I got sticky paper.’

I was so happy to see my sticky paper filling up. I did not think about how it looked just that I was saving my food.


Then one day, company came to visit me, and they had to duck their heads, because of all of the flies hanging down on my sticky paper. Seeing slight disgust on their faces I realized I should be removing the Fly Paper more often than I did. At least before company visited.


The next day I went to my local Dollar store, and I decided not to get the sticky paper, but two Fly Swatters. One for my living area, and the other for my bedroom.

It takes a little more work. More hands on. See the fly, swat it, clean it up, and throw it away. That is it. No more looking at too many flies dead on a strip of brown waxy paper looking very unappealing .... Still, I was a little too fascinated by that disgusting visual.

I still have one of my fly swatters, and from time to time I still need to use it.

So PETA, do not contact me for getting rid of my pesty flies.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2010 N E Wright


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