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I Met You Once...

Updated on October 20, 2015

I met you once...

In an English court

You were a lord

I a lowly servant girl

And I lived and I died

Yearning for something that could not be

I met you once...

On a cobblestone street in Paris

I sold you a rose

You gave it to the woman

Who was to be your bride

And my sadness consumed me

I met you once...

In and Italian opera house

You sat in the balcony

As my voice floated to the rafters

Carrying a song of unrequited love

And you wept at the bitter truth of my words

I met you once...

In a brothel out west

You were an outlaw

Just passing through

And I touched you

And I loved you

And you left

I met you once...

Just moments ago

You smiled

And I smiled

And I knew you

And I knew



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    • noelr profile image

      Noel Rodriguez 8 years ago from New York

      You are fast becoming my favorite hub poet!