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I Must Dream! ... Again

Updated on February 8, 2017

Fifty years foregone ...

... of precious days and nights, chasing daydreams ... some to remember ... and some not so much. Found love, adventure, laughter, heartache and love again. Raised a family to cherish, adore and so much more.

Started a dream in science, as I pursued an adventure for a college degree......only to have that dream fade into an intangible I woke one day... can't seem to remember what day that was... and found myself working two jobs and taking care of a family, as though that dream was just a passing thought.

Then I tried to ride a fantasy, you know "Be an entrepreneur", thinking "that will provide a great income for my family", I so believed, only to get bucked off by the need of a steady income for taking care of my family.

So... I did what so many of us have done ... that have dared to "Dream", I dedicated the next 25 years of my life working for Corporate America.

So where does that leave me for the next 25 years or more?

Shall I dare to Dream... Again?

Under or Over 50

So ... have you been pursuing your Dreams ?

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Colorado BLUE skies, a great place to "DayDream" and take a summers day nap.
Colorado BLUE skies, a great place to "DayDream" and take a summers day nap. | Source

A Summers Day Nap

Time has passed me by like a ... long ... summers day nap. When I woke, I realized that three out of four of our children were gone, and our precious last will be leaving soon.

So ... before you know it, it will be just my gorgeous wife and I ... whom I met just this morning. "The day is still young and full of life", I say, "evening has not yet come upon us ... so much more we can do before it has come and is no more. So while this summers day is long before us and no sign of the sun setting soon. Let's make what is left of this day a day of adventure".

And, when the sun has set and the evening is upon us, we can dine and dance into the night, until at last the hand of midnight has risen to smite its first chime ... and then we'll take our time ... "No rush", I say, to cherish ... every second ... every moment ... of it's final chimes. then and only then we'll dream our final dream.

S. Dakota Bad Lands: A beautiful day to dream of what adventures may await us just over hill and in the valley beyond.
S. Dakota Bad Lands: A beautiful day to dream of what adventures may await us just over hill and in the valley beyond. | Source

Dream I Must

So today I say ... Yes! ... I Must Dream! ... Again ... and so many times more before the evening is no more and the hand of midnight has rung its final chime, and I dream my final dream.

So ... "Where does that leave me for the next 25 years or more?", you may ask.

Well, realistically? ... my career may still be needed for a few more years, but its time is coming to an end soon. Our family has grown from four, to six with spouses, then to ten with precious grandchildren, a dozen in all. So as family has moved on, many options are ahead of us.

I cherish the good things that life has brought me, even the lessons and accomplishments of my career with Corporate America. But now I'm looking ahead, to what is ... "left of the day" ... , to dream again of my passions in science and so much more.

So now I'm going to make those daydreams and passions a reality in the Next 25 Years.

CA Muir Woods Redwoods: 500 years young and STILL Dreaming that they can reach the Sky
CA Muir Woods Redwoods: 500 years young and STILL Dreaming that they can reach the Sky | Source

Over 50 years Young and Dreaming Again!

So not only ... Must I Dream! ... Again ... I've already started dreaming ... Again!

In recent years I went back to school and took a few courses, " Loved It ". I plan to take more courses next year. An interesting out come of taking, Chemistry, Electronics, Wind Turbines and required courses of "Speech and English Comp" ... Ugh! ... I hated English 30 years ago in high school. Oh my GOD!, I loved it, straight A's, never realized I could Love writing. I give lots of the credit to two great teachers. My English Comp teacher gave me praise on my essays (I'm sure she praised every student), and she encouraged me to take up writing. Well 4 years later I'm starting. Better late then never.

As I Look forward ... I plan to start a few hobbies, blogging being one of them, in hopes of providing a small income as I move into my golden years and leave corporate America in the dust well before I hit my sixties.

Besides FOOD! (some recipes I may be sharing in future Hubs), my other hobbies relate to Renewable Energies and Science. For over 15 years now I've had dreams of a new hybrid renewable energy source based on Wind, Solar and Geothermal energy. Lots of drawings and 100's and 100's of hours Day Dreaming of how my inventions would work. So I started remodeling my garage this year to make a Work Shop, where I can finally build and make my dreams an reality.

So many more daydreams to pursue for another 25 years or more.

Hope you were inspired by my first ever post!

Stay tuned as I plan to share in my adventures, dreams, passions and so much more.


So will you Dare to Dream ... Again?

So looking forward what will you do?

See results

Dream as Little or as Much as you dare.

Just want to leave you on one positive note.

Regardless of how you answered above, there is no right or wrong answer. I myself am still committed to a career with Corporate America until I can financially do other wise.

But I would encourage you to "Make Time", even if only a few hours a week to start thinking about what is next, pick up a book, read some research, have fun with some cooking or other hobby that interest you.

Get a hunger for what comes next! And start Dreaming ... Again!


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    • horseradisheater1 profile image

      joyce kaye 

      23 months ago from plainview ny

      I think we all should dream ,no matter how old you are


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