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Updated on November 29, 2010

I Still Look For You continues – 2

Exhausted, she had fallen asleep on Bobby’s couch.  She awoke to the touch of his fingers, running through her hair gently pushing it away from her face, her mouth.

“The kids?” she asked urgently.

“Asleep, for over an hour now.”  His mouth traveled down her throat as he unbuttoned her shirt slowly, all the while looking directly into her eyes.  His hair shone in the light of a candle he had lit while she lay sleeping. 

He had crept up the stairs four times to make absolutely sure the kids were asleep.  Her son and his youngest brother in the boy’s room and her daughter in his, they had finally given up. 

He had brought down pillows and blankets and had covered her lean, curved body gently with a soft blanket.  He lay on a blanket on the floor next to the sofa, a pillow bunched under his head.  Eyes shut, he tried to ignore the tightness building in him.  He sat up, lit a cigarette and went to the kitchen.  Silently opening the refrigerator , he poured himself a glass of cold water  and  returned  to his place on the floor.  He stubbed out the cigarette hard and lay back down, turning away from where she slept.  His breath was shallow and rapid and anticipation filled him.  He knelt beside the couch, moving her hair back from her face.

His touch drew the blood from her head and left her dizzy.  He was the air that she breathed.  In concert, their clothes slowly freed their bodies, his hovering over hers, not yet touching full length.  Her fingers grabbed for his hair and held on as he explored.

His arms drew her down to the floor next to him as he mastered her yearning that had come alive under his touch.  He devoured her, long hungry – starved - for this woman.  He moved slowly, drawing out this indulgence to the pinnacle, savoring this ecstatic rapture, then possessed her completely and ravenously.

They lay, her head on his shoulder, breathing in unison.  He pulled at the blanket from the sofa, covering them.  He wanted to blow out the candle and hold her, always, in this complete moment, knowing he could love her.  Her mind seemed captured, frozen in this place where time did not intrude.  She had fallen, pushed over the brink she had so masterfully balanced before and pushed back thoughts of where she would land.

Refusing to let this night end they reached for each other again mouths and bodies joined, rocking slowly, arching, flying, touching the sky they flew and soared to far away places that neither would ever find again.


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  • SomewayOuttaHere profile image

    SomewayOuttaHere 6 years ago from TheGreatGigInTheSky the moment......what else can i say?

  • Poohgranma profile image

    Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

    This was most difficult to write. The memory is crystal clear but conveying it in a way that allowed the reader in but did not cheapen the experience was hard. Thank-you for reading and for your flattering comments.

  • SomewayOuttaHere profile image

    SomewayOuttaHere 6 years ago from TheGreatGigInTheSky

    i'm sure it was really hard to write...and you conveyed it well....for what it was....

  • profile image

    ralwus 6 years ago

    SOH is right, awesome and beautiful for what it was . . . a woman learning to love again and trust. I just hope she isn't going to be hurt even worse. Great write PG. Charlie

  • Poohgranma profile image

    Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

    Many thanks Charlie and SOH. And thanks for adding to "for what it was", Charlie. This was what happened and I think it was inevitable given the people involved and their respective need to be closer to one-another. As far as her being hurt even worse, well, I guess I'll have to write and folks will have to read to find that out, but you have a keen eye.

  • Scarlett My Dear profile image

    Scarlett My Dear 6 years ago from Missouri

    Pooh, my heart skips a beat reading this scene. I came back to re-read this chapter 2, trying not to read ahead in your story. Did this scene come AFTER she lands on his doorstep with her suitcase and kids?

    ~He devoured her, long hungry – starved~

    Really like the intensity, the emotion behind this moment they are sharing. Giddy confusion, I imagine, with a touch of danger lurking. Danger of being caught, danger of jumping in, the danger in trusting again. A human being's craving for Love and the freedom, in which to express it really comes through.

  • Poohgranma profile image

    Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

    I think I'm going to go back and just number the hubs one, two and three so it'll be easier to figure. Yes, it was the night I showed up there. It wouldn't have happened before she broke ties with the husband no matter what he did outside of their marriage.

    I'm so glad you were able to see beyond the "act" of love making to the beauty of it and yes, the freedom of it too. I had tried to switch it from her perspective to his and back again but I don't know if that came through. He had misgivings about it and did try to just go to sleep on the floor beside her. Ah, well, I'll be posting more soon and whatever the outcome this was a memorable

  • QudsiaP1 profile image

    QudsiaP1 6 years ago

    What can I say, wonderful as ever.

    I liked about your hub gave a sensual feeling instead of a sexual one. The way you have expressed their emotions for one another is the best PG rating censorship ever. :)

    With this moving on to part 4, which by the way is still open in my hub hopper... I just chose to read the story from the beginning instead of getting lost and losing its essence.

  • Poohgranma profile image

    Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

    Qudsia, I am elated that you saw the sensual aspect of this hub. It is all part of the story and is as important as any other aspect to show the contrast in her life and how that helped to open her eyes to the horror that she had been living.

  • Maria Cecilia profile image

    Maria Cecilia 6 years ago from Philippines

    whoo I don't know what to say.....the moment is really perfect, and yes I am moving to part 4

  • maggs224 profile image

    maggs224 6 years ago from Sunny Spain

    I am now off to read part four :-)

  • Poohgranma profile image

    Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

    Maria and maggs, thank-you both for reading this hub and continuing to follow the recounting. I appreciate your comments.

  • stars439 profile image

    stars439 6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

    I do not think there is anything more profoundly wonderful than passion in the throws of love. It is that one beautiful and precious happening in life that can make a man feel as though he has a life that transcends the worth and joy of all millionaires combined. Fantastic hub. GBY

  • Poohgranma profile image

    Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

    What a lovely comment. Thanks so much for reading and thanks for understanding that it was something beautiful and very special.

  • profile image

    Just Life 6 years ago

    This part of the story expresses so much longing and love. But the last line, "... they flew and soared to far away places that neither would ever find again." makes me so scared for her heart!

    I want so much for her to be happy, loved, and cherished!

    But that last line seems to tell me she is in for a fall. A fall I'm afraid will hurt her!

  • Poohgranma profile image

    Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

    She sure could have used you as a guide back then. I'm afraid you are on the right track and some of those bruises are her own fault for making too much of the whole situation, but still, a bruised heart twenty-five plus years later ... that's some hurting!

  • Minnetonka Twin profile image

    Linda Rogers 6 years ago from Minnesota

    Pooh, wow, what a chemistry these two have and the relationship was real and developed. It is a beautiful union of two people that were meant to meet, no matter how long it lasted. I know that it was meant to help each of them learn something in that time.

  • Healing Touch profile image

    Laura Arne 6 years ago from Minnetonka, MN

    Ok, I am so caught in the ravenous love, I hope I sleep tonight. This is grand. Can't wait to read more tomorrow. You are amazing.

  • Poohgranma profile image

    Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

    Your sis is wisely headed for bed too. Sweet dreams. You two have made my night with reading and being so involved! Thank you so very much.

  • rajan jolly profile image

    Rajan Singh Jolly 5 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

    It is such a natural climax to all that is building up in you, which has been potrayed so vividly yet so subtly so as to retain the essence of love and care that your relationship is now heading for. Interesting.

    Off to the 4 th part.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Poohgranma profile image

    Poohgranma 5 years ago from On the edge

    As alluded to previously, she had not made love in many years. The sex in her life was just another torment with a man she had grown to fear and hate. She felt undesirable, her needs were not a consideration and to feel these feelings again was a rebirth of the woman she has once started to become, but had been destroyed by the insanity and brutality she felt trapped in.

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