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Updated on November 29, 2010


One of the obstacles of leaving an abusive relationship when you have children with the perpetrator is allowing visitation. At this time there were no agencies that facilitated supervised visits to ensure the children are not used as pawns and pummeled with demands for information. Such life saving amenities would come years later, later even than when Domestic Abuse was brought to the forefront by the deaths of many women and even their children.

Lynn would meet Bill at a café or another public place to let the children go with him that left her feeling secure that he had no knowledge of where she and the kids lived. She would go back to the house during these visits wishing desperately she could have the luxury of Bobby’s company to chase away the lonely, scary hours. Every meeting ended with tears from the kids and pleas from Bill that she come to her senses and return home. His claims of sobriety, love, need and thoughts of suicide did not move her. Her children’s tears ripped her heart in two but even though they were becoming increasingly difficult to parent and openly defied and challenged her at every turn, she stood by her decision to stay free.

The time she and Bobby had together was now limited to when he could stop by her office for coffee or a rare outing with all of their kids. She had not dared to have him and his brothers come to the house on the outside chance Bill would call and hear them in the background. Those moments the two friends could share strengthened her resolve as he reminded her that she was capable of much, a good and decent mother and a bright and beautiful woman. She had started believing him and believing that she and her children deserved so much more out of life than the years of insanity she was coming out of. When you are consumed with trying to survive, it leaves little for contemplating another life, a better way.

During this visit though, she was happily preparing a dinner that would include Bobby and his youngest brother as guests. There had been no incidents with Bill and his pleadings had lessened when she picked up the kids from their visits. Her confidence was building every week and though she would soon have to leave this beautiful house, three apartments had opened in the complex her boss wanted her to live in and he had agreed to let her switch Bobby and his family to a unit there. It was in a much better part of town than the one they were presently in and Kurt would attend the same school as her children where the influences he’d been experiencing would lessen. Bobby’s older brother had been sent to a group home after being caught with pot in his locker at school and for his refusal to attend the Ala-Teen meetings and counseling that they all took part in to help them heal from their Mother’s multiple addictions. So this evening, she met Bill to pick up the children, picked up Bobby and Kurt and ran by the grocery store to get a couple of things she needed to complete their celebration dinner.

Once home, the kids flopped on the couch and floor in various displays of their displeasure. MTV blasted the walls with their contempt with this dinner and the whole of these adult constructed plans for their lives. Her son hated Kurt and the feeling was quite mutual. Her daughter secretly had a crush on Kurt and he treated her as he would his own sister – with complete disgust and contempt.

Not insensitive to the kid’s anger and frustration, Lynn and Bobby were still elated and refused to let the gloomy mood into the kitchen where they were finishing dinner and filling plates. They carried everything to the dining room placing dinner on the elegant dining table Lynn’s boss had insisted she use while at the house. After calling out that “dinner was served” and receiving only silence, Bobby went to fetch the kids. Voices raised – Bobby’s, her son’s and Kurt’s and she went to see what all the noise was about just in time to hear Bobby telling all three of the kids that this was a special night for her and they damned well better sit with smiles on their faces and manners in place and eat the dinner she had worked so hard to fix because if they did not, they would feel his size 13 shoe kicking their respective butts.

Dinner went well.

Dishes done, homework checked and two of the three kids bathed and in their pajamas this family of sorts was in front of the tv. Laughter was the only sound. They sat watching a comedy so hysterical, it pried open mouths which earlier would only form in snarls and sarcasm. Lynn’s son and Kurt high fived each other and then quickly moved further apart. Earlier, Bobby had asked to use the car to meet a friend and Lynn had told him to just keep it over night and come for them in the morning as he would need to get Kurt registered at his new school that day anyway. Kurt was spending the night and Bobby reminded him before he left not to give Lynn or anyone else any grief. Lynn walked him to the door and he leaned toward her asking if he could come back.

She had almost fallen asleep when she heard the creak of the stairs and knew he was in the house. She had almost felt someone there, but in the bedroom, as she had changed and got into bed. He silently crept to the bed, eased himself, fully dressed, under the covers and pulled her close to him. He had parked the car a few blocks away and walked so as not to wake anyone with engine noise or the car door shutting. They whispered like kids up past their bedtimes trying not to get caught by their parents. As hard as they tried to stay awake, whispers soon mixed with yawns and finally only the sound of even soft breathing.

She stirred, thinking she had heard something. There! She had heard it again. Bobby? No, he was sleeping right beside her. Which one of the kids were up and why were they heading downstairs in the middle of the night? She grabbed her robe, slipped quietly out of the bedroom and peered down the stairs. No one. She crept quietly down, hoping to surprise whomever was probably raiding the frig. A laugh started to form in her throat when she saw it. The front door – the chain lock was swinging ever so slightly where it had been let loose. Running now, opening the front door and out onto the porch she saw his car turn the corner, blinker flashing like a warning light.

Bill had been in the house.


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  • Poohgranma profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from On the edge

    Lynn was horrified to know that Bill had been in the house. He was a very dangerous person and at the time it seemed he would always have complete control of her - that she could never have a place where she felt safe.

    I hope you will continue to read.

  • rajan jolly profile image

    Rajan Singh Jolly 

    6 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

    i am left to wonder what your feeling might have been once you found out that Bill had been in the house. Wanting to read further, but I guess Lynn doesn't care anymore about the beast. She has Bobby by her side.

  • Poohgranma profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from On the edge

    Thank-you HT - yes, looking back you realize just how horrible it was. When all you're doing is trying to survive it, you are somehow numbed to the stark reality of just how insane and dangerous it all is.

  • Healing Touch profile image

    Laura Arne 

    7 years ago from Minnetonka, MN

    I am so scared to what is happening. Your so strong. I can't believe we both lived this hell. Your doing an amazing job and describing the details and emotion.

  • Minnetonka Twin profile image

    Linda Rogers 

    7 years ago from Minnesota

    Ah Crap, I knew he was gonna show up sooner or later. I am f-r-e-a-k-i-n o-u-t! I am so glued to this pooh and can only enjoy it knowing you are safe and sound today.

  • profile image

    Just Life 

    7 years ago

    No!!!! How did he get in? What was he doing?

    I have to go read the next installment!

  • Poohgranma profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from On the edge

    Yes, he staked her like prey and had nothing but evil plans for her.

  • stars439 profile image


    7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

    There is a lot of mystery that still exists in these kind of situations where there are broken homes. Great hub. GBY.

  • Poohgranma profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from On the edge

    Maria - the last paragraph of the previous "part" let's you know Bill found out.

    "It took him two days to find out where she lived, how to get in and where the kids went to school. He also found out something else. The slut had a man and a kid in the car on the fourth day he followed her."

    He actually was able to watch her office through a pair of binoculars and know exactly who came and went from her office, how long they were there and if she left. She would come to know this much later by his own admission when he confronted her.

    maggs - you gave me a laugh! Unfortunately I am being alerted and have had two hubs put on temporary unpublished state. I've had to re-write to have them be accepted for re-publishing and it is driving me mad!

  • maggs224 profile image


    7 years ago from Sunny Spain

    Can't stop to comment now need to know what happens next

  • Maria Cecilia profile image

    Maria Cecilia 

    7 years ago from Philippines

    o did bill find out....? this is tricky...... it's making me read the whole thing in one sitting hahahaha

  • Poohgranma profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from On the edge

    Well, I've managed it - each part is now linked to the next. A sensible idea that I was thinking of doing but didn't put forth the effort to find out how. After urging from two readers I read and re-read the instructions, once I found them, and it is done and done. lol I truly do have a bit of trouble with concentration so reading directions is sometimes a challenge for me. At times, my mind freezes and refuses to recall how to do the most simple tasks, let in any new information or sort the old and new information ... but that is another story.

  • Poohgranma profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from On the edge

    Qusida - you've made me laugh this morning! I'm glad you're not

    Ah Charlie, wondered when you'd be around and I'll take this as a sign your strength is returning - well then, your strength is always there - but that you are getting even stronger.

    Putting you on the edge of your seat is a high compliment indeed! Thanks dear friend!

  • Poohgranma profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from On the edge

    SOH - Walking on egg shells and maneuvering the tightrope does not necessarily mean you are in balance. I believe that so many victims of abuse truly believe they can manage the situation if only ... they were smarter, prettier, slimmer, said the right things, didn't say, didn't do, on and on in a dizzying pace that is all the while, of course, orchestrated by the perpetrator. But as I've said before when you are trying so hard just to survive it leaves so little energy for speculation. Thanks for reading and understanding what I've said.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Well, well. Bill the sneaky rat. I smell much trouble here on out. I am on the edge of my seat woman and even though I know you survived I am in fear of what may come next. Good stuff. CC

  • QudsiaP1 profile image


    7 years ago

    Intense is the only word I can conjure up for now.

    The passion in your words strike me, they hold me as firm as the reins hold a horse.

    I am not worried about you one bit.

  • SomewayOuttaHere profile image


    7 years ago from TheGreatGigInTheSky

    ...hmmmmm........just trying to make some sense of it all....and he's back...the fear of it all....this stuff goes on now, not just then...but now too...sometimes the system works and sometimes it doesn't...basically it's people and how they work/think...and yor just trying to get something back to normal....something....but earlier life keeps creepin' back in....keep writing....this is good, in terms of descriptive memory...too bad it was real life tho.....and not just a story made up from ficticious characters that you placed yourself in as you wrote.....seeing that chain lock unhinged must have given you a fright....gave me one....

  • Poohgranma profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from On the edge

    Ah, LaurieDawn my pain was no deeper than yours - just different. I'm so glad you stopped by because I had meant to follow you before and "lost you" I'll be following now. Christmas . yes, Christmas.

    I'm so glad to know you enjoy reading my story. I actually scared myself remembering and writing Part 4 this morning. Now that IS funny! I haven't visited this part of my life in a very long time and I was surprised at how vivid the memories have remained. Maybe now that I've unlocked that door I can really let go of it all!

    Blessings to you my dear sweet LaurieDawn.

  • LaurieDawn profile image


    7 years ago

    Okay now I am on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next part! Very well written, and very frightening! I enjoy the way you use words, and your descriptive story.

    I am just sorry that you had to go through any of this, but on the other hand, I am glad you survived!

    I look forward to the next chapter.




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