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I Think I Saw Him, He's in My Dreams Too?

Updated on February 4, 2017
The water's edge
The water's edge
The scene where she is walking up on the couple in her dream
The scene where she is walking up on the couple in her dream
The perfect rock to sit upon
The perfect rock to sit upon

I Seen Him In A Dream

I woke up at 3am. Everything was dark and quite. Sure enough my fiancé David didn't come home. I was a little dizzy because I hadn't eaten. I decided I would get some cereal and that should make me feel better. I put on my slippers and a robe and made my way into the kitchen. All the lights were out and that is why it made me a little bit surprised to see some light coming from the direction of the refrigerator. When I turned the corner, there was Marvin standing there pouring water out of the dispenser into a glass. He didn't have any clothes, or robe on!! He just looked up at me and smiled!! I must of turned 3 shades of red and I bolted back into my room. I thought his reaction was really strange. Calm and like he didn't care at all that I saw him. He was not shy.

Since I couldn't possibly go back into that kitchen, I decided to go back to bed. I was shaking and cold and scared. The behavior of Marvin was getting more weird by the day and thinking I saw this apparition was even more weird. I didn't know if I was just seeing things. I laid back down and I drifted off into an uneasy sleep.

It was sunny and warm outside. Which was weird because it was just snowing, but I could see the grass and there were leaves on the trees. The woods behind the house had a little foot path and I decided to follow it. I was walking and enjoying the warmth. I could hear a stream flowing. I could smell the moss on the trees. I thought I could hear laughter. I walked around the corner and there in the edge of the stream was this gigantic boulder and the water was not reaching the top of it, so it made a real perfect spot to climb onto and sit without being hit by the water.

There was this couple on the boulder. The girl had on this floral pattern blue dress with a little ruffle at the end of it. She had beautiful long blonde hair and such a pretty smile. She looked to be about sixteen years old. The guy that she was with had brown hair and it was a little tasseled falling all over the place, just above his shoulders. They were in such a tender kiss. Holding hands. The girl pulled away. "Pamela, what's the matter" the guy asked, "Oh Christian, he is never gonna let us be together". Christian said " We can't worry about him. We are getting married with or without his blessing." We have to tell him soon about the baby." Don't be scared Pamela, I will be with you."

Christian turned his head in my direction. How handsome a face he had!! Pamela had an early love and they went a little too far and she got pregnant!!!

He looked really familiar. I stopped in my tracks, they couldn't see me? I said "hi" They didn't hear me. I stood there not knowing what to do. I woke up.

what was that? How come ? I know that guy. I seen him before. I can't place him but I have seen him before. I looked out my sliding glass door. The snow had stopped. It was about 7am. I had been dreaming a stupid dream. Probably just missed David. I was pregnant. For Christ sake, I was having a baby!!! in three months I was gonna be a momma. I had to go to the bathroom at the moment, and my stomach was the size of a soccer ball.

I was afraid to venture out of my room, but nature called. I grabbed fresh clothing, underwear and bra and sweats and a t-shirt and went into the hall closet, I grabbed a towel and I disappeared into the bathroom. As I was taking a shower I my mind kept remembering that dream. Why was I walking on a path behind the house? Is there a path behind the house? a stream possibly? I hurried through my shower, washing every single inch of me until I felt clean. I dried, got dressed and towel dried my hair. I through it up in a ponytail and cleaned up the bathroom and went back to my room. I put my heavy sweatshirt on, pulled on my boots and coat and now I just had to check.

I walked out the front door. The snow was like 6-10 inches in places. It was uneven.. I just wanted to make my way around the back of the house and find the path. I looked and looked. Where was it in my dream? I walked the length of the house, twice. I looked and could not find it anywhere. I was sure if I kept looking I would find it. I had this feeling. Why would I dream it? I gave up, it was cold and windy and I must of looked like a crazy women from the movie "The Shining" This dream seems like it.. As I was walking back inside, I was daydreaming about my night dream.. and I didn't see where I was stepping. I was trying to hold onto the side of the house because the snow was deep and it was there that it happened.

I stepped into a hole!! I fell onto my butt, it was one of those drain holes on the side of the house that led under the house. All that happened is that I was covered in snow now, and It was hard for me to get up because I was so pregnant. It was at that moment that Dave came around the back of the house. "What are you doing out here?" Are you crazy? Are you hurt? Hold on let me help you. Stay still I got you".

'David, I had to see if it was real" I told him. "If what was real?" "My dream" I had to see if there was a path behind the house" David I have a bad feeling about this place". I told him.

David said " it's because your pregnant. Let get you inside and you could tell me about your dream" He helped me up. My leg hurt right by the knee. "Thank God you didn't shatter anything" You crazy coming out here in this weather all by yourself? you should of waited for me." he was getting angry now. "you could of really been hurt." David I have to tell you something." As we were getting into the house, he asked me "what do you have to tell me?"

He opened the door and I was getting ready to say Marvin..... when Marvin was standing right there.

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Please tell me what you think

This is a long time in my brain put on paper now. I would like some honest opinions. Not afraid of constructive criticism. I appreciate comments.. thank you.

The first part of this segment is entitled "I Can't Believe My eyes" . If you missed it, go through my profile and read it first. then read this one..



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