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I Wake Up And I Know I Can Do Better

Updated on November 27, 2011

When Things Didn't Go Like I expected

I work it off

Laugh it off

Sleep it off

Shrug my troubles away

Then when I am out of dfferent diferent ways that help

I go back to what I know best

Think,think and I know I did my personal best

Somewhere there was an error in my thinking

A mistake that couldn't be helped

I don't look to blame or find fault

I just look for an answer

It was a cack that ran right through the middle that everyone can see but me

I have been on this road before

Struggling to find the direction that will lead me to better days

I stop and pray

Thankful once again for all I have

Seeing my life in a diferent perspective

Not living up to my standards or expectations is something I have to learn to live with

It is a hard pill to swallow

So I fill up my glass with water and take a big gulp

It is really not that bad

I just have to believe in waiting

To stick it out to the very end

What happens when you watch a movie and you leave somewhere in the middle

You can only guess what is about to happen

People and all the perdicaments are left unsolved

You feel it is not right and you feel uncomfortable to say the least

You had great moments followed by personal tradegies and we can't forget those natural disasters

In it all we had to have taken notice

With all the highs there were lows

There was a certain flow to life

We are certainly not perfect

All we can do is be smart and use our minds to make things better not worse

Give yourself credit for all that you have done

Ease up on pushing so hard and take a break

Relax find something that will take your mind off your troubles

A hobby or do something simple that brings you great pleasure

I turn to music and to songs I have heard in the past

Ones that are so familiar and safe

Those songs that bring a smile to my face

I wish I could sing then I would belt out the National Anthem like many great singers have

Bringing all their talent together and with great focus and pride

Doing what they do best

If I was a carpenter I would build something with skill and superb craftmanship

That when I am done I can stand back with pride and admire what I have made

Only if I was a painter I would paint until my fingers turned numb

When I could no longer hold a paint brush I know I was done

I still search for my talents and try many things that flop

I accept my pitfalls and my disappointments as a temprary time out

Then I learn to breath and look for another angle like a mathmetician would

I jumble up what I see infront of me as if I was a scrabble champion

I take great pride in trying to find a resourceful way

That makes sense

A hair dresser would cut off all the split ends and start fresh

A plumber would fix the leak and things would be working fine

I am still left without an answer

So I question my thoughts once again

If I was a child I would just pick up an eraser and it would be so simple

Erase my mistakes and move on

When you are older it is never that easy

But then again why can't it be

It worked for many years and It has brought me where I am today

I think I will go to the blackboard and erase from top to bottom

Now seeing a blank board I can start again

It worked for many teachers I have known over the years and they all can't be wrong

Once again I found a solution to the prblem that persisted longer than I wanted

I love when I go to sleep and my mind finds an answer

It is like I have found water where a desert once was

Now I drink from the same glass and I notice I am pleased

Where earlier I was aggrivated and not happy

I made the right choice when my options were limited

Life goes on and so will I

With a curious look up in the dismal sky

Where is the sun that I love the most ?

I know it is still sleeping and getting some needed rest

For later I will look again and if I still don't see it then

I will return as many times as I have to

Because I never give up and that is what I have learned here at 5:55 in the morning

When other people sleep so sound

I can now go back to bed and rest my head


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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      6 years ago

      Vinaya Ghimire You are a smarter than me today I just find an empty hole.It is always nice to see you and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.Thanx for reading.

    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 

      6 years ago from Nepal

      As I read this I began searching my soul. You are poetic as well as philosophic.


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