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How Can I Write A Book ?

Updated on September 29, 2011

Write A Book

Are you wanting to write a book , maybe a novel or a non fiction book about a subject you are passionate about in your life ?

Maybe you have had a major crisis in your life you would like to share with others.

I want to write a book that you will want to read , enjoy as well as reccommend it to your friends .

How do I you write and publish a book ? I guess it starts by sitting down and starting to type away what you want to say .

Where do I start in my story ? From when I was in a child in Wales choosing which toy I could take on our big trip on the ship to New Zealand in 1970 ? Going to school in Christchurch New Zealand or On the Canberra sailing from Auckland NZ to Sydney Australia with a 4 month old baby !

Do you want to read about my experiences working as a nanny in Wales, England & France meeting Lords & Ladies as someone once suggested or should I start when I remaaried for the second time & set off with the caravan to explore Australia after my husband had a severe heart attack ?

Maybe you want to write a Cookbook , Self help book or a romance novel.

I Want To Write A Book

Writers Wanted Here on hubpages

 If you are keen on writing yet not quite ready to write a book then join us here on hubpages and learn techniques and make new friends.

Click the link below - choose your hubpages name - read a few hubs for tips and get started !

What Should I Name My Book

Choosing the right title for a book will take time as you want it to catch peoples eye so they will pick the book up for a better look .

Life after a heart attack ? or Traveling on the edge ?

Life life on the wild side !

Successful books are often those that clearly target their intended market so first of all I need to decide who I am going to target the book to as focusing on specific market segments, or types of readers, makes your book more relevant to your intended readers. It also makes it easy to create a community around your readers.
One of the best ways to make your book's title memorable is to arouse their curiosity, so they remember it especially if the title relates to an easily remembered metaphor like a book I saw once

Writing A Book Tips

Here's one infallible way to get started: ask a friend or family member to show up with a tape recorder and prompt you with questions. Make sure it's someone you're at ease with, so they can keep you talking.

If you can't type or don't want to spend the time typing ,The tapes can be sent to audio typists for transcription saving you the time involved.

If you do write your book yourself then you need to need to know if anything is missing, how well it reads to an outsider, and what else should be done to make it OK to send to a publisher so find someone to critique your book honestly.

You owe it to yourself to double-check everything you write to stand a chance with your book . Run a spell- or grammar-checker if you have one on your computer. If not, don't hesitate to consult your dictionary or a good grammar reference. Either way, reread it and reread it carefully and get someone else to read it.

I Don't Have The Time

How many of you want to write a book yet say you don't have the time .

If writing a book is  truly is a passion for you then you need to sit down & work out a schedule for your week so as to make the time available.

Maybe you need to

Put the alarm clock on so you get up earlier in the morning

Turn the tv off  after watching a program rather than just watching for the sake of it

Pre cook a weeks meal so you can freeze a few days meals.

Stay up an hour later if that is your best time for writing.

Allocate jobs to the kids to free you up.

Talk into a tape recorder while driving or doing jobs like ironing.

Let your kids type your story as you talk to them .

Make a Do Not Disturb sign and put it on the door .

Turn our phone off !!

have A Change of Scenery

Try Writing in diferent places for inspiration .
Try Writing in diferent places for inspiration .

How Do I Publish A Book ?

I always thought that when you write a book that there are publishers that pay you an advance for your story then when it is printed it gets promoted and you earn more money from sales.

Yet when I answered an advert about book publishing they said I had to pay fees to them so I will forget that idea.

You can make your own book online if you are not wanting too many copies of it .

If you are serious about your book it is most likely best to find an agent that can help you find the right publisher for your book.

Promote Your Book

 If you do manage to have a book written and published then CONGRATULATIONS !

Now it is time to promote your book everywhere and get known !

 Why not start a blog log and quote from the book. Lift sections and acknowledge the book as the source. Build a community of interest around the topics in the book. Make a paypal button so they can order a book online from you.

Contact your local radio stations as Most radio stations are looking for interesting interviews and the author of a newly published book has a good chance of getting on air. You need a publicity letter which says something interesting or controversial about the book and off you go. If you have the budget you can use a professional PR company to target radio and TV programs!

Look out for fundraisers where you can offer your book as a prize.Local radio shows, magazines or societies will often be interested in running competitions and will give you valuable publicity if you give them a few books to give away as prizes.

Offer to give a talk at a local club about book writing as they are often looking for guest speakers.


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