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~I Will Not Lose Heart~

Updated on March 4, 2014

I will not lose heart.

If it’s the only thing I have left,

I will still forge ahead.

I will always believe.

I will give with the last ounce of “give” that I have

I will never forget

The people who gave

--that pure, real giving that matters so much

I will never forget the people

Who carried on with me – beside me

When I grew too weak, too weary to go on alone

I will never forget

The people who believed

When my faith was waning

They stood close enough

For me to feel the example

I will never forget

The hours … the tireless hours

They invested

In giving of themselves

Just because they believed in me

I will never fail that faith.

I will never fail that friendship.

I will be as strong

And as right

As I can possibly be

I will lift up a corner

Of another’s blanket

When it is too heavy for them to lift alone

I will stand beside someone

Who has no one there

Because in giving

We feel needed

We feel a sense of purpose

And those are the greatest feelings

In life.

I will not lose heart.

When it is the only thing between me

And giving up

And giving in

I will square my shoulders

Take a deep breath

And believe with every last ounce of my being.

Just as others have held on

And believed in me.


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