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I Wish I Had A Wand

Updated on February 6, 2012

I Wish I Had A Wand

What would it cost for a wand in this world?

So I can churn out miracles for all good

And not be selfish in my endless enchantment

And aspire in righteousness with all my heart

And bring contentment to all and be happy therein

In supplicating for what I have not been able to before

And inculcate a notion of possibilities to all eyes’ fore

Knowing not what it would cost me for it would fill me

With the joy of heaven and satiate an unknown thirst

Barring all earthly atrocities and fulfilling all dreams

Subtly rejuvenating the core of all souls that are pure

And whispering winds of bliss across every pasture

Soaring along the sun in bright clarity of divinity

Feeding the conscience with humane satiety

I wish I had a wand and wipe away all my fears

I wish I could make a difference without self-desires

I wish I could think bigger than my being in salt flats

I wish I could exemplify Serenity in miracle hats


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