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I Won't Wear a Mask

Updated on December 20, 2012


I will wear a mask.
I will wear a mask so
that you may see who I am,

I'll not resent that you ask me
to buck up, because you're blind - oh
SO blind that truth must first be sham.

Is it shock I need? 
That your complacent bias
should so compel the farce?  Damn!

Oh, DAMN you, that I must concede
to illusion - that I must secede
from myself!  To it and you I say "God DAMN"!

I am wearing this mask now.
Your Honor, I know not how
to plead to offenses others make.

All at once irony, serenity and salvation
is reached only through inhumane humiliation.
This is the fetus born by promises solemn and fake.

Do I swear to tell the truth?
I believed in it as youth,
but now such ignorance is only borne a cross.

Yes, as such youth was a false conception
and this world will not accomodate me - the exception,
Its and your blindness becomes MY albatross!

God, bless this mask?
Accept a lonely dye long cast?
Do not give in to the sin of despair?

Am I - are we?! - charged this task
to breathe this shameful legacy long past
its welcome.  It was never fair!

And so I ask, "God bless?"
God bless fate's shameful mess?
God bless submission to silent destiny?!

And I here say "no".  No, no, no!
Not God "bless" this mask, God *DAMN* this mask.
The TRUTH will set us free!


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  • DDE profile image

    Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

    You can't change who you are but be someone with hope and yourself, hiding from problems won't make it any easier.

  • embee77 profile image

    embee77 7 years ago

    This is very moving. I can relate to the confusion and distress of being pulled in different directions and trying to stay true to yourself. I understand about looking back at your life and how you thought about it at different times. Love the poem.