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I Self-Published Something: Adamah Anthology

Updated on November 27, 2017
Cover Art commissioned by Tyler Quillen
Cover Art commissioned by Tyler Quillen

Hey there, reader! Whether you know me personally, follow this blog, or just stumbled here out of nowhere (thank you for sticking around if you're in the last group), I'm doing a little shameless self-promoting. I've been working on my writing in my own created world as a hobby with every intention of fully pursuing a publication to host my work and wanted to put out a collection of short stories, all featured in my created world.

It's going to be featured as a free promotion until Dec. 1, 2017 but will otherwise be available for $0.99 (if you have Kindle Unlimited you can download it free anytime). So, feel free to download and read it, download and don't read, or leave a comment/review wherever you'd like. It means a lot to your friend/writer/stranger guy.

What Kind of Stories?

So here you may be wondering, what kind of stories? Currently I'm writing contemporary fantasy, largely urban fantasy. For those unfamiliar with the terms, it's a lot of traditional fantasy elements (think elves, magic, dragons, etc.) in a version of our modern world. You could kind of compare it to Harry Potter but I aim for my audience to be a little older than young adults.

The short stories included are all indirectly connected, as they all happen on the same planet and relatively the same time frame but what happens in one doesn't necessarily happen in another. One or two characters will actually appear in more than one story but as said before, you really don't have to understand what happens in one to understand the other. You can read them in any order as you like.

I'll give a little prelude to each of them so if you're curious on one or more stories but not the rest, you can pick and choose as you read.

The Encircling Rage- A detective investigates the homicidal rampage of an elf, a race most unlikely to commit violence

The Girl in my Bed- A visiting politician finds himself at the mercy of a terrorist organization and help comes from the most unlikely of sources

Gorgon Eye- A pickpocket finds himself unwillingly thrust into a wasteland where buried treasure awaits him

Synthia- A giant dome surrounds what seems to be a silent landscape although it's claimed to host an artificial intelligence trying desperately to get out

Death of a Martyr- A soldier wrestles with his country's radical faith when facing an enemy on foreign shores

Exchanging Hands- Forcibly employed by a nation worshiping light, a necromancer faces another job with a new handler

Adjudication- While her nation's leadership faces destruction from within, a woman makes a career choice that launches her far off her pre-planned track

Tara- A man wanting out of his line of work tries to do one last job in order to protect his sister

In Pursuit of Green Stones- A government man struggles with his carnal desires and his duty

Birthed in Fire- A young girl faces a troubling revelation with both her boyfriend and possibly herself

In Closing

And, I guess that's it! If you're choosing to download it, I wish you my heartfelt thanks and even more so if you leave a review or comment about it somewhere. I wish you well even for having read just this far.


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