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I am Django, waiting for Dr. King Schultz

Updated on August 21, 2019

It was a dark stormy night, the thunderstorm lighting whipping us fiercely in heavy rain.
I was chained!! We all were chained!!
I was not alone; many others were walking in the queue.
Their voices were tremulous and whispering; we are almost there!!
I closed my eye for a moment and feeling the calmness of rain shower and a cold breeze.
Suddenly agitated with a loud voice, someone shouting, Honorable men come toward left!!
I was confused...
We were moving very slowly; it seems to be a checkpoint!!
I saw a few guards at first checkpoint.
The guard: what is your name? callout loudly your name.
Me: Irfan Adil
he was checking, am I adequately chained?
The guard: are you an honorable man?
Me: I don’t know but I damn sure, I am a human!!
The guard: A human? What is it? Asking fellow guards.
Other guards: A human was a strange species, once lived in the dark ages or maybe the aliens from another space.
First guard: So you are not an honorable man; you are in the right queue, move forward now!!
I continued moving with others step by step, as we all were chained!!
It seems to be another checkpoint!!
Furious guards are ready to welcome here!!
The guard: are you an honorable man?
Me: I don’t know, but I am a human.
The guard: A human? What a joke, he again checked, I am chained and ask me to move forward.
It seems to be the third checkpoint; there are more few guards; they are writing the names of every chained person.
On the left side, they were still calling; only honorable men come toward this side!!
I was curious; I looked around another side; there were only a few people entering; they were unchained; every honorable person was greeted so warmly.
We all wish to be on the other side, but we are not honorable men!!
We are a contract workers of the factory while other side is for permanent.
I checked and cleared to enter the gate, the gate was open, and I heard a beep sound,
“Welcome to the factory”
This all remind me a movie, “Django Unchained.”
Django was a black slave man and a hero of the film, a German bounty hunter named Dr. King Schultz freed Django in the first scene, and they together hunt the South’s most-wanted criminals in the movie.
Django was freed and unchained by Dr. King Schultz in the movie, and I thought whether any D. Schultz would come to free our society?
The answer is yes, but our Dr. King Schultz is education and humanity. We need to work a lot to educate people on how to become a Human!!
How to treat others like a human!!
Irfan Adil

© 2019 Irfan Adil


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