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You Know What?Jesus had a beard!

Updated on April 27, 2013

They’re staring at me
Gaze intense
Eyes steady
In New York airport
Not as an Englishman
but as an Arab
In a turban
around my head ,
No mustache,
No holster with a silver hilt dagger
hanging down the thigh
long beard
long abaya
Someone shouts from
a short distance
He couldn't bear up the wieght of the picture
And an other one on the escalator upward to a sky
where his angel hovering hollers:
"da bomb"
"da bomb"I thought"is the one who is standing
hair of silk,
enchanting eyes,
lips full
one look enough to make hearts melting,
stars to wink
and sun running to sink
pure beauty,worth a thousand words
her lover,I wish I could be..

Two policemen from nowhere
come in hurry-
Interrupting the stream of my thoughts -
guns in their hands
"You are under arrest,
Mister long beard!"
"Oh,You must be mistaken,
I am not a bomb suicider
I am a p..o..rn star
I come from a country
you can't find without a lantern
I like to dance with pole ,stripping off everything,
Not clothes but emotions,
Can't you see?
I am bleeding,
oozing dots on
the white sheet,my stage.
I am well-known
"So, peel every layer off your inner self
and dance in cuffs"They mock.
"Ready to go?"
"but not ready to be taken
getting too heavy by media's load
too slow on the uptakes"
" I am the desert flower
Hidden, but a target’s aim
Stretches forth from the Twin Tower event
I am not the culprit,
the responsible,
just the lamb sacrifaced for the sake of oil
now look closely at yourselves,
you become a barrage of acid comments,
funny walking sticks,
handbags left unzipped
hard boiled eggs, sliced in halves
three cups of tea left to dry ice
in an old nags head rentals
everywhere you are omnipresent
but impotent
running from mice,
and hunting ants instead
You know what?
Jesus had a beard,
take me to Guantanamo!!


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    • James-wolve profile imageAUTHOR

      Tijani Achamlal 

      5 years ago from Morocco

      Sir Colin,

      That is a feather in my cap to link this scribble on your FB page.Thanks so much.As you know billions of the world live in some form of misconception between the personal point of view and the social point of view which is created by the Media. The conflict of interests between the mind and the heart has been one of the axioms of a society that has a capacity to adjust, improve and adapt. People is general are hypocritical about so many things. There are some things that the heart just wants to believe without an damn reason, a belief that can strongly go against a social will,but people somehow strangely prefer to follow the herd and not to sttand out.


    • epigramman profile image


      5 years ago

      No not at all, Sir James, your intrusion, lol, leads me to your spectacular gift of writing , and yes , often it takes satire to open our eyes to the world of truth and hypocrisy. This is one of my favorites by you because I love how you use the poetic format here with one long string of dialogue as if it were a scene out of a movie - sadly it's a scene out of real life.

      You are so good at this Brother James and it definitely inspired me to write one of my own, lol.

      I will share and link with pride on my FB page to gain you hopefully some more readers and believers like me.

      Having a nice cuppa of lemon honey ginseng tea and listening to an Irish composer who sounds like Chopin at lake erie time 4:04pm canada


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