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I am because we are

Updated on March 28, 2013

Flippy floppy

These flippy floppy fickle fiends of philanderers

Mincing mediocrity making movers of meanderers

They can oppress us all they want we'll keep in mind their mortality

Staunch we'll stand steady to defend our morality

Because our weapons unlike theirs are provocative, not deadly

Instead of bullets in the chamber you'll find a lyrical medley

You, the opposition opt overtly to obliquity

Denying accusations of exacting out inequity

And who am you might ask to make ammends to such a mockery?

Mistaking the mistaken, making a fool of our democracy.

I am the dying derelict daring to distrust the dominant;

I am the job juggling jester to the 'Just' conglomerate;

I am the homeless 'Has-been' haggling hope with the prominent;

I am we and we are one and as one we are dominate;

I am we and we are one and as one we are prominent;

I am we and we are one and as one... we are monuments!


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