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I am not a Judge

Updated on April 11, 2017
africanpenwarrior profile image

I am a graduate of Mass Communication ''Bsc" but was a science student in my secondary school days, finally majored in forensic journalism.

I am not a Judge

I am not a Judge

I see what I see
No one knows what I know
Who care; for what I do
To get what I have
But when I get it
They will want to know how I made it

See them dress in courage
Their shoes look so courageous
They become desperado
Working like the sun who has no excuse to stop working
They only reason they failed
At first is broken focus
Now they are focused on taking my sweat away

When I did mine
I was dressed in honesty
A tattered justice brought me shame
Yet I did not give it up
I know I will never achieve what I am unwilling to pursue
So I did not give up the marathon

I trek like the Israelites
The Philippines did but a little
I trek like the sun from east to west
Making sure that I get to offices
Where jobs were offered to workers
I never was bordered about it
Just wanted something genuine
They never were bordered
About their kind of job
That is if they have one doing

All they would want to know is how much it pays
No wonder they kill or get killed
Their custom and tradition they have stolen
Custom and tradition ill gotten
No wonder fraud is part of them

When I became rich
I live in my house in peace
My house crafted where my people can find me
My fatherland became proud of me
I walk on the street in short
Just like I still was trekking miles
Never been scared of being hurt by someone I cheated

When they became rich
They live in pieces in hotel
Their houses crafted on foreign land
Their father’s people spat on them
They never will work on the street without their thugs
They are scared
Of being hurt by someone they stole from
I know when I die
People will cry
Cos I tried my best
To make them smile
I never shy of out my responsibilities
In my community I was known for generosity

When they die
Vultures will attend their funeral
Children will throw party
With the little savings from their pocket money
Bucket will be used to measure
Their hatred for them

Their death faster than that of rocket
I am … years older than them
But they will die … years before me
Their lives have been shortened
By their wicked attitude
They rode on a dark horse
They nurse bad ideas
But they will count the cost of what they did

My jeep is meant for anything
I carry old women’s firewood in it
When I travel to my hometown
I go to farm with it
I give lift to those who ask for it
I smile with those I never knew

Their beetles do not carry those dressed without shoes
It is meant for the rich alone
When they travel to their hometown, they sit idle
They will never go to farm
Never will they give lift to those who ask
They carry ladies that are naked
Even under mini – skirt

I know I have done my best
Mother earth bears me witness
So, I am never afraid of death
I have prepared my children
Earth as their home
Cos I made friends with both human and inanimate things

Their children have a home
In their fathers house alone
That is if he does not still live in hotels
Their friends are but only those with their kind of cars
Their children suffer what they know not
Let him that knows best speak for us.


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    • africanpenwarrior profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from NIGERIA

      Thanks Jamie Lee for taking time to read, you can check other of my poems

    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 

      3 years ago from Reno NV

      Powerful poetry. Well done. Jamie


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