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I am not who I should be Without You

Updated on June 28, 2011

Hold me to set me free from what

confines me....

Hold me to watch me thrive within your arms

let me live with you

let me be who i need to be with you

how i miss you

you have no clue how i would love

to be with you

Hold me and set me free

let me fly free with you

let me be who i need to be

I love the way you have always known me

and have loved all that about me

I remember when you kissed me...

how warm it made me feel if i had found my home

within your warm embrace

I remember how you used to look at me...

how confused was I , that I did not see that it was you

that really loved me...

how I wished I could have been listening to your

silent words telling me... how you wanted me

Hold me just one more i can fly free within your

arms..let me be me


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