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I can't see tomorrow

Updated on January 5, 2013

I can't see tomorrow

I can't see tomorrow

Too tainted by the time

Too lost in the sorrow

Far too sheltered far too blind

A tear no longer means the same

When It traveled down your face; everything changed

It took my heart and poisoned it

Becoming a fruit laced with a new burn

So it csn only belong to you

I can't seem to think straight

I'm about to be alone; and my skins cold

The shadow of my silhouette

Is the final painting; a broken portrait of hope

It's not worth pretending

The sorrow is a part of me

Anymore there's no room to see

And Its getting hard to breathe

Just don't let go; I need you

Everyday is harder strain; a new kind of pain

And I'm running out of things that matter...


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