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I Don't Know What to Call It

Updated on April 7, 2017
Jerlin Leeroy profile image

Jesse Lopez a.k.a Jerlin Leroy Has been an aspiring artist, since he was around 8. No matter what it is Music to drawing. He's an artist.

Art 1


Verse 1

Knowledge is key Especially cause the things i see

More Shit you need

More time you spend praying on your knees

Can i get a little help please

It's just a bunch of rats running for the cheese

No peace but a piece will make them leave

Love the color of the changing leafs

Was always left to grieve

No time for mourning

Hustled so much i seen the next morning

All is well I need to catch up on my snoring

Some of ya'll Would think I'm boring

But I'm the one to kept scoring .......



Art 3


Verse 2

Stuck On war path

Full of anger and hate.. You won't last

Time.. Well, it will always pass

Work hard cut some grass

Chop some trees.. Look what I've done

Still no recognition good car with a broken ignition

Stole a bike just so i can ride

See I never had a pot to piss in

It was easy baking I watched it glisten

It gets harder you can tell by the tension

Just another broken hearted

Dearly departed I'll miss you all

It's a matter of time till they kill us off

Last of dying breed

Whats do i put my life on ...

Art 4


Setting the Mood


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© 2017 Jesse Lopez


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