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I don’t want to!

Updated on September 23, 2016

I don't want to!

Milla stood at the door of the school and saw lots of children inside.

‘I don’t want to go in.’ said Milla to her dad

‘But it’s your first day at school.’ said Dad. ‘You will enjoy it.’

‘I don’t want to go.’ said Milla.

Just then her teacher came to the door.

‘Hello I am Mrs Hardy. I am your teacher. Are you Milla?’

Milla nodded up and down

‘Say yes to your teacher.’ said Dad

Milla nodded left and right.

‘I am so sorry.’ said Dad, looking cross, ‘ Milla doesn’t want to go to school.’

Mrs Hardy, smiled, took Milla’s hand and went into the classroom.

‘But I don’t want to go to school!’ cried Milla.

Dad left . Mrs Hardy did not say anything but went to find Netty who was playing with some sand.

‘Say hello to Milla. She is new.’ Said Mrs Hardy

‘Hello Milla, my name is Netty. Come and play in this sand with me.’

‘I don’t want to.’ said Milla

‘OK’ said Netty’ then you can watch if you like.’

‘I don’t want to.’ said Milla

Mrs Hardy went to talk to some other children.

Netty made a sand castle with wet sand, then she put flags in the castle, then she put some water round the castle and sailed a boat all the way round, then she put it all away.

Millawatched but said nothing.

‘Do you want to play in the play house with me?’ asked Netty

‘No I don’t want to.’ said Milla.

‘OK’ said Netty’ then you can watch if you like.’

Netty pretended to paint the walls, she pretended to fix a plug, she pretended to watch television and then she pretended to eat dinner.

‘Do you want some dinner?’ asked Netty when Milla looked through one of the windows.

‘No I don’t.’ said Milla

‘OK’ said Netty’ you can watch me eat my dinner if you like.’

Netty tidied up the play house.

‘Do you want to read a book with me?’ asked Netty.

‘No I don’t want to’ said Milla

‘OK’ Said Netty , ‘you can watch me read my favourite book then, if you like.’

Netty sat on the big red carpet and got the big red book full of animal stories out.

Netty started to laugh at the pictures and turned the big pages.

Milla stood close to the big red carpet and also tried to look at the pictures. Netty turned the book so Milla could see, then she moved so Milla could sit down on the big red carpet too.

Netty told the story about the elephant thatate so many cabbages he turned bright green and she started to laugh. Then Milla started to laugh, then Netty read some more, then Milla read some of the easy words. Then both girls started to laugh together.

‘When I grow up I will never eat cabbage. ‘said Netty

‘Never ever, ever, I don’t want to turn green’ said Milla

The two girls laughed some more.

Mrs Hardy smiled to herself, Netty always shared with everyone and everyone liked Netty even bad tempered grumpy children. But do you know what? Milla doesn’t look a bit grumpy anymore and when her dad came to meet her, what do you think she said?

‘I don’t want to go home. I like it here and I have a new friend called Netty. Can she come for tea?’



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    • johnmariow profile image

      John Gentile 18 months ago from Connecticut

      Interesting story.