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I dreamt the day away, could I be in trouble?

Updated on March 26, 2017
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I have been writing stories since my children were little. I included them in the stories and they learned to read and love it.

A flock of geese flew by.
A flock of geese flew by. | Source

I Do Try To Be Good

Sometimes I think of a little thing, like a bird flying overhead, and suddenly verses are running through my mind and I have to put them down on paper or I might just go crazy. I thought of the one below as I watched geese fly overhead on their way south for the winter and felt a bit lonely for the warmer, brighter days of summer. That was when the words began to flow and the lines just kept repeating themselves. Somehow, the message wasn’t really clear until the very last line flowed onto the paper and I realized I was talking about wasting away a perfectly good day by daydreaming.

This Is What “I” Did……….

I stepped outside into the sun and watched the birds fly high.

I stepped across the shaded walk and saw a butterfly.

I sat beside the flowing brook and listened to its song.

I sat against a gnarled oak tree and thought its age is long.

I walked along the garden path and once more relished the view.

I walked around the earthen shed and saw a mushroom, or two.

I whistled a tune as I approached my home, thinking it was time.

I whistled up, and I whistled down, and I whistled in my mind.

I opened up the door real wide and watched the dog run through.

I opened up the pot bellied stove and poked the fire anew.

I heated water and I heated soup and I heated my bed pan.

I heated the whole cabin, the smoke up the chimney ran.

I made my way to my soft cushy bed to sleep away the night.

I made my mind up, tomorrow work, no time for fanciful flight.

As I Lay On My Soft Bed And Thought About The Next Day's Chores....

I tried very hard to be strong with myself and decide that tomorrow I would do some work and not daydream; but, I don’t think I was strong enough. I think, perhaps, that the daydreaming might just continue since my first step out of the door will bring me right back to the flight of birds and the shaded sidewalk. How can I possibly ignore a butterfly in flight or the music of the brook as it makes its way to a river or pond? This poem might mean trouble for me. I might need to put this one down on paper and then run like crazy to get away from it or I might be daydreaming about the beauty of summer for a very long time. I know, I’ll start dreaming about the cold and the snow….and the beauty of a snow covered field, and the silence of the glittering snow as it lands daintily on a pile of its brothers. The wind whips the delicate flakes up into a whirlwind of white only to pile them higher and higher against the walls of the house. I’ll daydream about cold winter nights sitting in front of a roaring fire roasting marshmallows and drinking hot cocoa…….I.....I.....I think I’m in trouble.

Even the snow can send me into a daydream.  I think I'm in trouble.....
Even the snow can send me into a daydream. I think I'm in trouble..... | Source

Do you ever daydream?

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I Know I Am....

Thinking about the glistening snowflakes gathering together on trees and silent pathways have always made me dream and smile with pleasure. How can I ignore such wonder? How can I ignore such beauty? How can I ignore the draw of imagination that threatens to pull me in through that gently sparkling path? Oh my, I think I have done it again. Alright, I must be strong with myself. No more daydreaming and that's final!

And so I pull out my list of things to do and read the first item on the list. "Prepare the flower beds for winter." Flower beds in winter. The bulbs digging their tiny hair-like roots deep into the earth to prepare for winter's long sleep. The small animals and insects who reside in the garden finish their gathering and bury themselves in their homes, protected from winter's biting wind. A wind that will stop at nothing to reach warmth and annihilate it. Winter's wind will soon come to batter at windows, seek cracks in walls and dig tiny icy fingers into any protection you might wear. I'm doing it again aren't I? Wow, this daydreaming really has tight hold on me.

Daydreaming is not only a good way to pass the time, but it can help to develop a strong imagination, increase your brain activity (in other words exercise your brain) and help you to learn to think outside the box! These abilities will help you to go very far in our ever changing world.

You could go to the mall........
You could go to the mall........ | Source

When You Have Some Free Time...

You could go to the mall or go to a party with your friends. Or you might sit in a quiet place and daydream. Which do you think you might do? If I had the choice, I would daydream. Of course if the mall is having a special on my favorite author or the party will be the biggest event of the year, then I might reconsider. I think it might be daydreaming. Let's see, a disco ball creates bright sparkles that encircle the room as happy couples move wildly to the loud music. The crowd gathers in scruffy lines at the ice cream parlor to get a shake to drink while wandering through the different stores. An author holds a book signing for that special book that sent me down a dark winding path to the unknown. I think I had better end before I really get into another daydream and get lost.

Happy Daydreaming Everyone!

© 2011 Cheryl Simonds


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