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I fight for justice

Updated on January 4, 2014

Steve came to me and laid the complain, he knew that i was gonna fight for him because i don't believe in imbalance. And i fight intimidation of any kind with all my strength wherever i see it . I mean the extreme people go to destroy others.

He had a business deal with Nonso but all of a sudden things took a different twist. According to him, Nonso went behind him and cut the deal, took an upfront payment and blocked every area so he would not understand what happened. He only told him that the business flopped but seeing the changes in Nonso's life, he suspected otherwise so he digged and found out what he did. As a gentleman, he simply asked him for his cut and nothing more but in return for that, he got a blow and even a prize on his head.

I hated Nonso from that moment and within me, i knew that it was my fight. I will get Steve Justice at all cost so with my influence, i opened a business talk with Nonso and got him right on track, he liked my proposal and was eager to meet me. On that fateful day,all i wanted was to strike and nothing more but before that i needed a confession. Nonso knew that the men sitting with him were not kids but seven professionals out for serious business and any lie will send him down.

He was scared and with that, he opened up. Everything he said contradicted what Steve said and that was the confusing part of the whole thing. As professionals,i and my men set up a round table. Steve could not utter a word in the presence of Nonso. Everything he said about Nonso were lies. Nonso actually pulled him out from the business because he found him incompetent and it was the right thing to do. He even loaned him some money two days after he first came to me and laid the complain.

What if i had strike without seeking for a confession?

Do not believe everything people say about others, believe me, this guy simply wanted to hurt Nonso so he built up his make believe,someone else might be telling you the same kind of thing right now, listen to him but do not act until you hear the other side.

ADA EBI IKPE NA OTU ONU...( Cases are not concluded without hearing both side)

OKOLU NKEM AKORO NKE YA, AMAGHI AKO...( He who talked about me but didn't talk about himself doesn't know how to talk)

What happen to Steve?

Of course,he took the shame but imagine when seven professionals and one angry guy lay hands on one shameful liar...


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