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I Have Lived a Thousand Lifetimes

Updated on February 12, 2019
RJ Schwartz profile image

Poetry is the food of the soul. It's my greatest contribution to the world and an area I can always grow.

I have lived a thousand lifetimes

My footsteps remember their path

From Antolia to Assyria I trod

When Semiramis held the high throne

And you were but a servant girl

Beautiful in every way but forbidden

The Nubian dessert parched my skin

My weakened body pale and thin

Your water and a smile a simple gift

My broken spirit bequeathed a lift

Armies marched in lines from Rome

As Caesar led the columns home

Mortally wounded limping by

Again I found you’d caught my eye

In the galley’s of the Persian fleet

Slave to the oars, chained at the feet

Darius would rule until Alexander came

This life was short and filled with pain

When Normans conquered Sicily

An amazing collision of nations three

Palermo a noble place to start

Twas in that town I discovered art

When upon a courtyard fence I saw

A maiden goddess, I was in awe

The sight left with me with courage din

The distance enveloped me from within

Again I caught sight in the Holy Land

When Christians came to fight on the sand

Retaking Jerusalem was our battle cry

The heat overtook us and many did die

Held on a corsair by pirates in Barbary

Could be when I think you finally saw me

To be sold as a slave my forthcoming life

And you much worse, a slave traders wife

The Portuguese created the Caravels

With lateen sails creating tremendous speed

They aimed for North Africa to get their needs

On the shore as we unloaded I caught sight of you

By the smile on your face, you noticed me too

My fears held me tight, but I pushed them away

Words by the plenty I’d wanted to say

And as darkness crept up over the beach

I slipped into the night, deep into the breech

And found you at last alone in the town

Staying close to the shadows, I moved with no sound

But fearing my creep would be seen as a threat

I stepped into the light and took a deep breath

Astonished I was, for right in front of me

Was nothing but air, I’d missed again you see

As the lure of the sea took its hold on the coast

I spent several lives with a ship as my host

Ports far and wide across the oceans and seas

Searching in vain for she who completes me

Yet lifetimes did pass with little a clue

Forgotten inside my soul missed it’s due

And as a hundred years of more passed by

Your sight very dim lay hidden inside

Until a moment on a fateful day

Inside by a fire to stave to cold away

To step lively did I in a stroll across a way

When what did my wondering eyes finally see

But the woman who I’d seen all through eternity

Trepidations churned as I looked in your eye

When everything flashed, time it passed by

I whispered hello in a knowing type of way

You smiled and beamed, nothing to say

Not with words but energy you said unto me

My dearest your journey has ended you see…

© 2016 Ralph Schwartz


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