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I love you Unconditionally, (based on condition's).

Updated on April 21, 2017
Juliet Stewart profile image

Juliet Austin- Is a blend of Stubbornness, and charm. She writes about experiences, and constantly pokes fun at her Feminist view.

Juliet Stewart Austin

why are you such a slob,

can you not pick up your clothes?

Close the lid when you are done.

Squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom always.

Put the toothpaste cap back on. How hard is it for you to understand?

You must go to Church so salvation can be yours!

The Ten Commandments are written in stone.

If you do this God will love, and to a Minister, priest,

reverend, you must atone.

Long natural, straight, curly, kinky, Afro, is what I like.

Why not dye your hair, go natural, wear extensions.

Suck the fat right out of our thighs, hips, and back.

Get implant's, boobs, butt, and chest, lip's.

Why can't you just exercise?

The neighbor just bought a Black Mercedes Benz.

Buy me a Lamborghini in red.

If, you loved me you would!

Why can't you be more like Bob?

He is always dressed immaculate.

Hair in place, that Cartier Diamond encrusted watch.

He went to Ivy League, Yale, Harvard.

You to Local Community College.

You could if you just, on a trash Man's salary.

Why can't you be more like:

Your Brother, Sister, Father, Mother, Uncle, Niece, Nephew?

Don't you understand I do it out of love?



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