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I Miss Home

Updated on June 28, 2017
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Ram Di Mitr is legally qualified and is an ADR consultant. She loves to write poems and been writing since 15 years old.

The quietest in a crowd

The listener and faithful friend

With not much drama and delicate as flower

If you raise your tone, I might just lose a petal

Raised with much love

Admired and applauded

Punctual and diligent

Disciplined and perfect

With inner spirits and will to conquer

An outer presence of grace and gentleness

A smile offered so easily to everyone

A helping hand that moves out without a shout

A heart so willing to give

And share belogings

They are mere things

I have no attachment nor longing

The world is beautiful

Love is everywhere

The greenest of trees and grasses

The bluest and clearest of sea and ocean

The brightest of day and the darkest of night

The big bold sun and the twinkling stars

Life is beautiful and precious

All you ever need was love more than anything

This is me, the youngest of 4

My dad a navy who won my heart

My mum a homemaker firm and most reliable

A sister so dependable and brothers protective

I had a wonderful childhood

A home clean, organised and comfortable

A neighbourhood of friends and kindred spirits

An evening of laughter and conversations

I had a dream

It must a better life and most wonderful love story

My own palace and kingdom of love

I did have love and dependable friend all in one

But I didn’t get a home somehow

Nothing could replace the home that ever was

The one that I was raised in

And I keep wondering

I had money and status

Why could I not match what mum have

Did I fail somewhere

Did I fall short of something

I have education

I have career

I have a good car

And I have a good property

But my house not as comfortable as yours

my house not welcoming as yours

my house not bright as yours

my house not as chirpy as yours

I am a grown up lady

I miss home still

You are no longer here

That home now with broken doors and gates

Sometimes I wish to just drive home

But there is no home

I wonder mum if you felt the same

Was our home your home too

I wonder if you had missed home too

Just the way I do

I wonder if everyone missed their home

Just the way I do

The childhood home

Holds the memories of carefree life

Laughter and no fear

All dreams were possible, wishful and hopeful

My home now is beautiful and in the city

It has all the amenities

But it holds the memories of chase and speed

Datelines and expectations

Maybe that which make a home

Is not the walls nor the frames

It must be the story that it holds

It must be the memories that makes it whole...

My Childhood Home & Surrounding


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