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I saw angels fly

Updated on December 28, 2011

I saw angels fly

I’m afraid to look at you

Afraid to look in your eyes

The last time I looked

I saw angels fly

They looked so happy

I felt so free

I wanted to keep them

Always with me

I closed my eyes

To capture the moment

Know it’s hard to let go

I feel like I own it.

My angels I called them

To come hold my hand

I just never thought

You’d be part in their plan.

I turn around I push you away

You want me to leave, you beg me to stay.

The angels they carried me

Where they thought I should be

So is this real or fantasy?

I breathe you in don’t want to exhale

I feel like this is a fairytale

The feeling I get makes me at ease

Is this real? Or just a tease?

vlh 3/23/2011


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    More Than Words 6 years ago

    Whatever is on ones mind and in ones heart is real. Love is the key that will set you free and feel.

    Your emotions seem to be taking flight.

    Your angel have your wings and you have the right.

    You can fly into the arms where you belong.

    You can fly into the arms that make you feel strong.

    You can fly away from them all and linger alone.

    I feel you can do anything inside of your poem.